True HD Streaming with FaceVsion’s N1 Webcam


How sexy-looking is this? I mean, really.

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Alright, you know what I hate most about Skype? Getting an image so bad that it looks like the person on the other end was built out of lego blocks. I imagine that I look even worse on their end, but there isn’t much I can do about that, right? Wrong. Apparently there’s a new, sexy-looking webcam on the market by a company called faceVsion, called the “N1,” with the purpose of making fantastic-looking video streaming possible.

A solution to a problem

Here’s the trouble with today’s “HD” videostreaming platform: while there are plenty of cameras that advertise “HD” quality, these cameras often times only allow for HD quality locally. This means that while you can record HD video to upload to, say, Youtube or Vimeo, you can’t make HD video calls. The FV touchcam N1 has a built-in H.264 hardware encoder, allowing it to truly process HD video at a rapid pace, the key to the online HD streaming. It is the first webcam of its kind to make HD streaming over Skype possible.

Here’s a video with actual footage recorded from the webcam. The guy’s a bit energetic, but bear with him. He’s good.


To be technical, the camera streams in 720p HD, and has a best-in-class wide-angle lens (78 degrees) to allow for a fantastic widescreen picture. Additionally, the camera sports two high-quality microphones to record your voice in stereo, giving great video AND audio quality all around. It mounts nicely to almost any kind of computer. FaceVsion realizes that it is a bit large, so they did make a mini mobile HD video streaming solution, called the FV ExpressCombo. It’s small, quick, easy, plug-and-play, and, of course, streams in true 720 HD.

Being able to stream in HD adds a level of professionalism to your videos and video calls. Imagine carrying on digital meetings. You wouldn’t want to limit yourself with a grainy, blippy image of yourself trying to market a new product, bringing up an important point, or even asking for a raise.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get one! The webcam is a bit pricy at $120 USD, but with the quality I’ve seen, I believe it to be worth every cent.

FaceVsion’s Website

FV Touchcam N1 Homepage

FV ExpressCombo Homepage

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  • themecreator

    Ah! Nice! Though, it is indeed a bit pricy… But if you do ex. video chating a lot, (which I do not…) I bet it is worth it.