Unlocking, Jailbroken apps now legalized!

Every nerd in the US that is at least in some way following the progress of the iPhone should pay attention. This is big. As per a new copyright law, it is now officially legal to unlock your iPhone or other handheld device (i.e. hacking your iPhone to use with T-Mobile) and install unapproved 3rd party apps. This pretty much legalizes everything any iPod Touch/iPhone hacker has ever done.


Consider this. Say you really, really like Google Voice. Say you also like your iPhone a whole bunches. How ever are you going to get a Google Voice app to live happily on your iPhone, considering the webapp is slow, choppy, and, most importantly, browser-based?

Solution! Now with extra legality!

Simple. Jailbreak your iPhone, buy the Google Voice app, and install it. WHOA. Now, Google Voice is on your iPhone. How awesome is that?

Another Problem

Say you want an iPhone, but hate AT&T more than Hitler. And by that, I mean Hitler hated AT&T. It’s a known fact. Regardless, you’re stuck with a phone faster than the first 4 or 5 dozen supercomputers put together that’s bottlenecked by a network that caps your bandwidth at 2 gigs, and that’s granted you get reception in the first place. WHAT do you do?


Unlock your iPhone and use T-Mobile instead. Cool, amirite?

Essentially, this stabs AT&T and Apple by allowing people to not only circumvent the exclusive AT&T + Apple partnership but also to bypass Apple’s stingy app review process. That’s like a two-fold win for hackers like the iPhone Dev Team, and nerds like myself, who love putting software where it shouldn’t be.

Regardless, I love you all. Keep being almost-illegal. And if you screw up in the process, I’ll be happy to help you fix your jailbroken iPhone problems.