iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreaks without computer, tutorial

With jailbreaking officially legal by every stipulation, there’s never been a better time to give it a shot. “But what if it’s too hard?” you may ask. Well, have no fear. There’s a new jailbreak that you can do, from your iPhone. I haven’t seen a jailbreak this easy since iOS 1.1.1, which was when my iPod Touch was new. It’s THAT old. I’m not even entirely sure how it works. But hey! It works!


If you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with 4.0 firmware on it, and get things like themes, jailbroken apps, powerful features, or other awesome jailbroken innovations, simply browse to




on your device, and drag the nifty little “slide to jailbreak” slider. AND THAT’S IT. How crazy simple is that? I mean, I love comex for this.

Be warned, though, that the servers are under a huge load, because everyone and their cousin wants to jailbreak their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. So, if one of those links seems to be “down,” it’s probably just the server screaming in pain under the weight of everyone’s iDevices. So, be patient, retry a few times if you need.

And, if all else fails, check here for my tried-and-tested jailbroken recovery method.


Apparently, FaceTime is buggy/nonworking after jailbreaking with this method, for most people. So, if you’re on your iPhone, and use FaceTime a lot (yes, a lot is two words), I’d stay away from this jailbreak for right now, just to be safe.

Update 2 – Fix:

Alright, there’s a super simple FaceTime fix. Backup your iPhone, use Jailbreakme.com, and then restore your iPhone to that backup. This apparently fixes it. Don’t restore your iPhone to the firmware (i.e. restore to factory settings), because that defeats the purpose.