#MusicMonday – Days Go On

Ever have one of those times when you put your iPod on shuffle and stumble upon a song that you’ve never heard before? Well, yesterday was one of those days. I was in the car, feeling rather bored, and was in need of entertainment. I put my iPod on shuffle and came across the song “Days Go On,” by Greg Laswell. I honestly couldn’t tell you how the song ended up on my iPod. I had never heard of it before. Regardless, there I was, sitting in my card, bored out of my mind, with my iPod on shuffle. And then this song came on.

The sound.

The vocals sound a lot like Coldplay’s, or like Doves’s. I probably did a horrible job with those apostrophes. At any rate, can you hear it? I kinda like it. It’s impressive how high the guy can sing without tensing up. It’s very smooth, and easy on the ears.

As for the beat… Hmm. I feel like I should be able to place it, but I can’t right now. It’s very rhythmical, although a lot of that comes from the guitar and the piano, more so from the drum. The piano part is fairly straight forward, almost like this one Ingrid Michaelson song my friend introduced me to earlier this week. The drum is rather catchy. It’s the same as the drum from a whole slew of pieces (the first that comes to mind is Gnarls Barkley’s “Going On”).

There’s a bit of processed-ness to it. If you listen closely, you can hear guitars in reverse in some places, and the drum is sequenced in a few places. It gives it a bit of an edge, despite the fact that most of the actual instruments are very much acoustic.

The song flows really nicely. It starts at a brisk pace and keeps it up throughout the piece, making it really good for… well, things that need a pace, like walking, or thinking, or something like that. I wouldn’t really want to listen to this sitting in bed trying to sleep unless I really liked caffeine and had RLS or something.

Still, the song is, as a whole, awesome, and you should really give it a listen. How might you do that, you ask? Well, here’s a convenient set of links and embedded flash videos to help you meet that end.

Listen to it.


Download the song (along with the rest of his album) from iTunes here.
Stream the song in higher quality from GrooveShark here.
Visit his website.

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  • geoffking

    Nice. That's a pretty common chord progression but I like what he did with it. Way less depressing than 'No Bravery' :)

    • http://technoheads.org Salem

      And to think I still haven't done S.A.L.M. yet. Haha thanks for
      un-intentionally reminding me.

      • geoffking

        Ha not a problem. Looking forward to it!

  • themecreator

    Nice in one way, but, in my opinion, the beat was a bit too noisy.. good melody though.

    • http://technoheads.org Salem

      Thanks. I just like to share what's new and interesting to me.