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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a student, staying in touch is important. I don’t mean writing to my pen pal from Czechoslovakia. I mean staying up to date with all the crazy stuff on twitter, facebook, myspace, and whatever other networks you belong to. In this day and age, that means owning an expensive phone, which also means spending a crapton on a plan. Usually. Again, being a student, I can’t afford such luxuries as… er, money. In otherwords, I’m in dire need of a phone.

Enter Boost Mobile, a pre-paid service offered by Sprint. They offer no-contract phones with incredibly cheap options. You can get unlimited calling, txting, data, IM, Email, and “Walkie-talkie” (think Nextel) for as low as $50 a month, or $2 a day, depending on your usage. If you get a Blackberry and would like a subscription to BlackBerry’s network and services, a mere $10 a month is required. The plans are also highly flexible, allowing you to customize how much data, how many minutes, or how many txts you want on your plan.

Payment is also incredibly easy. With their Re-Boost system, you can pay online, over the phone, or in person at a variety of Boost Mobile resellers (from BestBuy to RadioShack). To make payments even easier, they accept both credit and debit, and automatic payments can be set up (to keep you from accidentally ending your service).

The phones themselves are largely designed to be “social phones;” in other words, they aim to make it easy to stay in touch with social networks and services like twitter, facebook, and myspace, for one price per month. Of course, this access is unlimited; you never have to worry about exceeding data limits or sending too many messages. That’s what makes Boost Mobile so simple.

Apart from their typical lineup of “data-phones,” (more powerful than normal phones and less powerful than smart phones) and their Blackberry 8330, they have this new Motorola i1, a fully-featured Android phone. That’s right; an ANDROID phone with an UNLIMITED plan for only $50 a month. How ridiculous is that?

There are downfalls to having a no-contract phone; phones are completely unsubsidized. This means that you’ll rarely see a phone that’s $20 or $30. All phones are full market value. However, you only have to pay for the phone once, so this is a small price to pay. The other downfall is that the phones use Sprint’s network; if you’re in an area that isn’t covered by Sprint, you’re out of luck on this one. Granted, Sprint has a very wide-spread network, so most people should be fine.

Overall, BoostMobile is definitely something to check out. With their insanely cheap plans and full-featured phones, they make an offer that’s very hard to beat.

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