Free Minecraft Weekend!

Minecraft, the fantastically-addicting sandbox-esque game by “Notch,” (yes, the same guy who made Left 4k Dead) is free this weekend! Apparently, the servers that run Minecraft totally crashed September 18th, and a lot of things completely “went down.” I actually feel bad for publishing this article, because it means his servers will get slightly more hits, but it had to be announced.

What this means for you:

Minecraft is free (for now)

Well, it’s free until “however long this will take to fix.” So grab it and play it while it’s free. As soon as the problem’s solved, it’s back to paid only. Notch says he hopes to have everything working by the 20th again, but that’s not guaranteed.

You can’t register, nor can you purchase…

although I’d highly recommend it. It’s seriously a very, very well spent $12-something USD.

Some gameplay stuff is weird.

Skins still work, but sounds don’t, if you’re a new player. I guess the sounds aren’t stored locally or something. *shrugs*

At any rate, download the game, test drive it while you have the opportunity, and then buy it (or make an account and play the free version).

Oh, and if you need any more convincing, here’s a screenshot. Post links to your minecraft screenshots and I’ll be sure to add them.

  • themecreator

    wow! what a coincidence ^^, I was just surfing around at the web, yesterday, and discovered this game too! And then, suddenly all my friends started to talk about it ^^, (maybe not all).

    I played it a while, and this is definitely worth those 12 $! It does indeed take some time in the start, but after a while, when you have understood the basic “rules”, it so fun!

    A tip is to check out the minecraft wiki, where you can find instructions of how to make furniture, chests (to bank stuff), making weapons and pickaxes, and a lot more!

    And last ,but not least, this awesome dude, which have quited his job just to work 24/7 with this game, are planning a mulitplayer feature (actually it is created, but it is just in the alpha version). I bet this is a game which soon is going to be very popular.

    – Themecreator

    • Salem

      Definitely good to mention. The same thing happened with me. I think a

      lot of people know about this game, but not a lot actually talk about

      it. Like fight club.