Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated…

…But that’s not to say I’m not dead. Mentally, at least. I’ve been sculpting my gleaming, pristine Carnegie Mellon University application (I’m applying for Computer Science and Computer Engineering), leading to much non-posting in the past month or so. So, so sorry about that. For anyone who reads my blog, I owe you for sticking around. Big time.

Alright, I feel like I owe it to you to get you caught up with what I’ve been doing recently.

Team Fortress 2

For one, Team Fortress 2 has a Halloween Event. They released a new map, “Mann Mansion,” in which presents containing masks appear periodically, and a “Horseless Headless Horsemann” shows up and rampages around the map for a bit. It’s a lot of fun. Collect all 9 masks and you can craft them into a super mask which lasts beyond November 7th (the end of the event). There’s a few more achievements that have been added. I have to say, I’ve had fun with it. It’s a good way to take a break from all the writing and editing for these essays.


Ohhh wow. I feel awful. I ranted and raved about Minecraft, and yet I haven’t tried out their new update. Notch, the guy who made the game, added “Hell.” That’s right. Dig down deep enough, or walk through a portal… and you wind up in hell. :D

Here’s all the great things he added in the update.

Also, I’m going to hack my Wii. More on that soon.


  • themecreator

    Doh! What do you mean by not dead?!

    anyways, the minecraft update is really great :) they've added lots of new blocks and different climates. But I didn't know that you could digg to hell?

    I'm looking forward for your wii hack tutorial! I have one myself, ready to be hacked :)

    • Salem

      Haha I'm glad you're excited! And to be honest, I didn't know if you could

      dig to hell or not. I haven't played much of it (YET!!) but I plan to (YOU

      BET I DO).

      As for my wii, it's working JUST fine. I'll release a few tutorials; one on

      how to install the homebrew channel, one on how to run things IN the

      homebrew channel, and the last on how to backup and run games.

      • themecreator

        Nice… Is it possible to make the wii play dvd's?

        • Salem

          Indeed it is :D The wii games are essentially DVDs burned backwards. So,

          with a software hack, you can tell the Wii to spin its drive the other

          way… Ta dah :D

          • themecreator

            Cool! you should make a tutorial on that too..

          • Salem

            Yup :D I got 'em all covered.