Test drive a Google Chrome OS netbook!

Do you use Google Chrome? Then you might have noticed a neat little message when you opened a new tab:

Chrome OS Pilot Program is now live!

That’s right.

Apparently, Google is looking for beta testers to pilot their new Chrome-OS-powered netbook, the Cr-48. It’s just like all those “Click here to try out the NEW iPHONE 5!” advertisements you see all over the internet, except its real. I hope.

At any rate, to apply, open Google Chrome and run a new tab. Or just click here. You’ll need to supply your name, address, phone number, and email address.

CR-48 Chrome OS NetbookThe laptop itself is really sexy, if I do say so myself. It looks like its rubberized (like most phones are now). Based on screenshots and articles, here are some specs:

  • Solid State Drive
  • 12″ LCD Screen
  • Large trackpad
  • VGA-Out
  • 1 USB port
  • SD Card reader
  • 1/8″ headphone jack
  • 8 hours of battery, 8 days of standby
  • 10 second boot, instant wake
  • Webcam

They left out “Spinning disks, caps-lock key, function keys, and lap burns,” according to the site.

Oh, and also,

There’s no caps lock key. Hopefully the comments on the internet will be less stupid.

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