Downgrade LG Vortex from 2.2.1

Sorry in advanced for all the text.

So I got an LG Vortex recently.

I was super excited. It was my first smartphone, I finally had an unlimited data plan, etc. Being the nerd that I am, I figured it’d be to my benefit to root my phone. So, using the z4root (I’ll have a tutorial for that up in no time) I rooted my phone.

Things went well until today, when I was notified of an update to the Android 2.2.1 software. Without looking into it, I installed it. After the update had finished, I saw that my phone was unrooted. Apparently, the 2.2.1 update serves primarily to patch the all-in-one exploit that many people use to root their phones. As of right now, the easiest way to root a 2.2.1 phone is to downgrade it to 2.2 again and re-root it there.

I spent a while figuring it out. I followed a tutorial on‘s website, but there were a few unclear or bumpy parts in the instructions (Then again, they DID get my phone downgraded, so here’s a huge thank-you to them). So, I figured I’d post my own tutorial here with all the steps written out.

Downgrading Tutorial!

  1. You’ll need to download this file. It has everything you’ll need to downgrade your phone. Extract it to a folder on your desktop. Inside this extracted folder, you’ll see three .rar compressed files. Whenever I talk about extracting something, it’ll be one of these three .rar files in this folder.
  2. Extract LGNPST.rar first. Inside, you’ll see LGNPST_General_v1.2_Lab_Version.msi. Run this and install it. It will install software to interface with the Vortex on your computer in C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\. However, don’t try and run it. It won’t work as-is. We need to do a few more things first.
  3. You’ll also see a folder called LGNPST LAB 1.2. Inside this is a file called LGNPST.exe. Move or copy this to C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\. If you want, make a shortcut to this file on your desktop (Right click it, select “Send To” and choose “Desktop (Shortcut)”).
  4. Next, you’ll want to extract LGNPST_Components_Ver_5_0_12_0 LGNPST_GenericModels_Ver_5_0_10_0.rar. This contains multiple versions of necessary .dll files, to ensure a smooth installation. If you get an error about a necessary part of the installer not being able to run, just run the installer again.
  5. Go to C:/LG Electronics/LGNPST/ and create a folder called “Model”. Inside that folder, create another folder called “LGVS660”.
  6. Extract LGVS660.rar. Inside this, you’ll find a VRZ folder. There are three files inside this: a .tot file, a .scr file, and a .dll file. Move these all into C:/LG Electronics/LGNPST/Model/LGVS660/ (the folder you just made.
  7. If you’re on Windows XP, hit start, click on “Run”, and run this:
    regsvr32 "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model\LGVS660\VS660.dll"
    If you’re on Windows Vistas or 7, hit start, type cmd.exe, right click on cmd.exe when it comes up in the search area, and run it as an administrator. Type in the following and hit enter:
    regsvr32 "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model\LGVS660\VS660.dll"
  8. Before we can connect your phone to your computer, we need to prep it. On your phone, go into settings, select “Applications,” select ‘Development,” and make sure USB Debugging is checked. I also like to have Stay Awake checked. Plug your phone into your computer (the phone charger you got with your phone also doubles as a usb cable. How nice of them). Make sure your phone is connected as a Mass Storage Device (on the pull down notification screen, select the USB connection, select the Mass Storage Device option, and select ok).
  9. You’ll next want to run C:/LG Electronics/LGNPST/LGNPST.exe. If you made a shortcut earlier, you can just use that instead, of course. Your phone should be detected. If it isn’t, and you’re sure developer mode is enabled and your computer can see the phone as a drive (Check under My Computer to see if your computer sees it), select “File,” choose “Select DLL,” and choose “MS690.dll” from the list.
  10. Select the phone, make sure the Provision tab is selected and that the Upgrade option is selected (on the bottom half of the screen). You’ll see BIN on the right half of this tab. Across from it is a folder icon. Click the folder icon and type in *.* where it says file name. Click “Open,” and then navigate to “C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model\LGVS660\VS660ZV5_02.S5_02.P58006.tot” and select it. Click open again.
  11. Below the BIN option, you should see a SCR option. Check it, click the folder, and select the “Common_UserSCR_00.scr” file you should see. Hit open.
  12. Click Start. Let your phone sit there for a bit. It took me around 6 or 7 minutes for the whole thing to work out. Your phone will reboot a few times. Just leave it go. Once your computer says “Complete” and your phone has started up successfully is it ok to unplug your phone.

That’s it! It seems like a pain, but it’s not all that bad. It’s just a lot of tedious work. After you do all that, just re-root your phone as you normally would (I recommend the z4Root). I’ll be adding images and such soon. Good luck, everyone.

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  • themecreator

    Ah!! I want a smartphone :D Though, not an android… I think I will go for a windows phone 7! The OS is looking really neat and nice! I'll definitly buy one, when it comes for full to my country :)

    When that is said, the android OS is said to be a very good alternative… Windows phone 7 vs. HTC desire HD :D

    • Salem

      I personally like Android a bit more, only because it has a large app

      platform and is very flexible. iOS is nice and stable for people who don't

      know what they're doing, and windows mobile LOOKS sexy, but I feel like it's

      a bit weak at the moment.

  • Prowakeskater

    getting an error code 0x800200009. says the dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer failed

    • Salem

      Ah, are you on windows vistas or 7? I had a similar issue. Instead of

      running it, run command prompt as an administrator and type the command in


  • gkoz

    At step 7, its says that the .dll file fails to load. Any ideas?

    • Salem

      are you running windows 7, vistas, or xp?

  • Metallica6825

    Step 8 is not detecting my phone at all. dev mode and stay on are on and it is in mass storage mode. i am running windows vista 32 bit. please help

    • Salem

      First off, I highly recommend 7, but that has nothing to do with anything

      right now. Second of all, when you plug your phone in, there should be a

      driver setup that it allows you to run. Try that.

      • Metallica6825

        If it is already downloaded, where would i find it?

        • Salem

          In the first step, I put a link for all the files you'll need to download.

          Check it out there.

  • A1killer

    ok never mind i found out why it wasnt working for me i had to rename the folder to get the files to install on the cmd line then i renamed it back and it worked flawlessly thanks a bunch man your awsome

    • Salem

      I'm so glad you got it working. To everyone else with detection issues,

      there are two things you should check. One, is the Vortex driver bundled

      with the phone installed? (You just need to plug your phone into your

      computer in USB mode and it'll autorun). Secondly, is your phone in USB

      mode? and third, is debugging mode enabled?

      I'm happy to help anyone else as soon as I can. Not having a rooted phone

      can actually be a real pain, as I've experienced as of late.

  • Jjoligny76

    The program crashes on win 7 as soon as it detects the lg vortex.

    • Salem

      Can you clarify? What do you mean, crashes? And are you sure it detects it

      before it does?

  • Qwixilver

    I followed all the steps as closely as I could. I ended up with an error message when I tried to do the upgrade in the last step.

    here are 2 screenshots of the error messages:

    after doing this I came to the realization that in order to put the phone in 'USB debugging' mode it drops out of 'mass storage' mode and into 'modem mode' switching this back to 'mass storage' drops out of 'USB debugging'

    is this normal? if not how do I fix that problem?

    Thanks in advance for the help :)

    • Salem

      What are your other alternatives when debugging mode is turned on? You

      should be able to have both on at once, but maybe there's another viable

      option for you.

  • Dogejim

    hey at step 9 the exe will not recognize my phone. debugging is on, computer sees it in my computer then i hit file, then hit select dll and an error message comes up saying “connect handset device(s) or select model(s) on the list.” any ideas?? thanks in advance for the help

    • Salem

      If you're in vistas/7, are you running the program in administrator mode?

      Also, you didn't get any errors when you were installing the device's

      specific libraries and components, did you?

  • heyimnick

    Same problem as Dogejim. I checked everything, ran in administrator mode, doesn't recognize device. Running Windows 7.

    • Bryan Stahl

      I'm running Vista buisness and having the same problem. Everything installed for me with out a hitch the regisrty went through the first time. The phone is connected to the computer I can drop and drag files from the computer to the phone and vise versa. The debug notification and mass storage notifications pop up on my phone. I'm getting no errors but the program can't see my phone. I did how ever get a message on my first try the the program couldn't find any divise on port # i forget what it was but if something is blocking that port that my be the problem.

    • Salem

      Have you installed the LG Vortex Drivers? Plug your device in usb/disk mode

      and run the program that opens when you do (i.e. hit ok when it asks if you

      want to autorun)

  • Bryansthl

    So has anyone bricked there phone trying this process.

    • Salem

      As of yet, not that I've heard. I mean, if it works, it'll restore your

      phone to factory settings. If it doesn't, nothing will happen. Just don't

      unplug it halfway through (duhr).

  • Bryan Stahl

    I figured out why the progam is not detecting some peoples phones one cridical detail was left out in this tutorial the the phone needs to be turned off in order for the software to see it.

    • Salem

      Are you sure about that? I never had to turn my phone off to downgrade mine.

  • Impy

    Hey Salem,
    Great tutorial ive been looking all over for this! except on step 7 when i run cmd as administrator and type the following(typing or copy/paste) i get this message:

    The module “C:LG
    ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660vs660.dll” failed
    to load.

    Make sure the binary is stored at the specific path or
    debug it to check for problems with the binary or
    dependent .DLL files.

    The specified module could not be found.
    (thats the end)

    If you have an idea on what this means and how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated… i want my wireless tethering back! :P

    • Travis Howard

      Hey, still having a problem recognizing device in the program.. think at all it could be the phone? the phone seems a little jumpy.. it will uncheck USB debugging sometimes by itself and sometimes it will be checked but no USB debugging icon will appear in notification bar.. seems weird to me ive been messing around with android devices for a little over a year now and have never had a problem like this. thinking it could just be a defective phone itself because i also tried what Bryan put up by turning the phone off, and still nothing…

      • Salem

        well, try this:

        1. restart your phone.

        2. restart your computer

        3. plug your phone in, as is, and see if your computer detects it.

        4. try to install the bundled LG driver and see if that helps.

    • Salem

      Well, first off, is the .dll at that location? if it's not, either change

      the code to match where it is, or (much easier) move that .dll to that


      • Impy

        sorry not very tech savvy can u help me on how to do that?

        • Salem

          Ok, so the code you enter in command prompt shows where the vs660.dll file

          is located. It should be in this location:

          C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660

          To check this, hit start, click My Computer (or Computer on vistas and 7),

          click C:, Click the LG Electronics folder, click LGNPST, click Model, click

          LGVS660, and see if you see vs660.dll. if you don't, double check to see if

          you did step 6 correctly.

          • Impy

            Thanks for putting it in words me (a dummy) could understand! :P
            However im still getting the same error and ive done everything you said, as you can see above cause it shows the path (“C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660VS660.dll”)
            If you got any other ideas its greatly appreciated.
            (BTW Im running windows 7 if that helps)

          • Salem

            Haha no problem :D Alright, if you right click the icon for the program,

            click properties, and hit the compatability tab, is anything turned on?

          • Anthony Govea

            i did all the steps right, im stuck at”checking lg usb/parallel lockkey”

          • Salem

            You mean, while trying to restore? What step are you on?

          • Impy

            :D im assuming you mean on the cmd.exe? and no nothing is checked. but i am signed in as admin and running as admin
            Thanks for all your help so far hope i can get this working :D

          • Salem

            try running the program itself as admin (right click, run as admin) and see

            what happens.

          • Robert

            Im having the same problems as Impy

          • Robert

            Actually I got it too work….I was on Vista at first then I tried on 7….Worked like a charm thanks :D

          • Salem

            haha i've never been a fan of Vistas. One more reason to upgrade! :D

          • Tray

            Sooo i did all the steps an my phone is detected an i choose to run the VS660.dll because thats the only one. I choose the SRC file an i press start an it tells me “The file path is empty”

          • Salem

            Is that the only thing that appears? Make sure you've selected all the

            options before you start, too.

          • Salem

            Did you try what he did? read through our comments; there are quite a few responses that could be potential fixes.

          • Impy

            ive done that everytime ive tried but ill give it another go :D

          • Impy

            OMG it worked! :D i must have been doing something wrong :/ sorry for all the trouble but thats for the help!

          • Salem

            Haha as long as it works, it was no trouble for me :D

          • Impy

            so i have another problem.. i know i know im a nuisance lol but when i run the LGNPST.exe it recognizes my phone, however when i hit file, Select DLL it doesnt show the MS690.dll it only shows VS660.dll i cant find MS690.dll anywhere! XD please help

          • Salem

            that *mayyy* be a typo. try out the VS660.dll one.

          • Impy


          • Impy

            ya that worked! this is the best tut online! and he helps with ur problems! is there anywhere i can rate this or give u kudos or w/e?

          • Salem

            haha if you'd really like, just tell people about this article, or my site.

            That'd mean the most to me. And I'm really glad I could help you out.

          • Nickharms

            I am having some similar issues as Impy. I am on xp and tried to run #7 but I keep getting an error loadlibrary (“C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660VS660.dll”) failed-The specified module could not be found. I decided to try the windows 7 directions and got the same error but it said access denied. I have check and the VS660.dll is the the correct folder. I am currently rooted on 2.2.1 but am having troubles installing the custom recovery so I thought I would downgrade to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the help.

          • Salem

            If you get an Access Denied message in Windows 7, run command prompt as an

            administrator and try the exact same command. see if that works.

          • Nickharms

            So I got it to work and the program says complete, but the phone is in a boot loop. I ran it for a second time and it did the same thing. What now?

          • Salem

            Were there any errors in the log at the bottom?

          • Nickharms

            I got it figured out and working now. I just clicked on the Refurbish tab and ran that. Booted up great and now on 2.2. Thanks a bunch.

          • Salem

            Alright, was yours an LG Vortex or an LG Optimus One?

          • Impy

            So i got that fixed but now when im in the LGNPST.exe, i think it detects my phone. in the top section it shows under: model:VS660 Port^:COM6 Process:(Blank) Status:Stand By. and when i hit file, Select DLL it only shows VS660.dll. i cant find the MS690.dll file anywhere. im almost positive ive done all steps correctly :D
            Thanks for all you help so far one more time would be greatly appreciated

  • Faithdragon77

    what would be the difference if I was trying to do this on a Mac?

    • Salem

      I'd recommend bootcamping it. I don't have a mac version of that software.

      Sorry, mate.

  • Bazookatier

    I'm getting the exact same error as Impy is getting, only with no reprieve. I consider myself fairly tech savvy; but it is 3:00 in the morning and I'm a little loopy, so I might be missing something small. I've tried every permutation of the regsvr32 “C:… imaginable, but to no avail.

    I even just copied/pasted the file path from the properties menu of the .dll itself and it still will not find it

    Then, I ran every executable included in your package and it still will not work.

    Any idea what could be wrong? What am I missing here?
    Here is the error again, so you aren't forced to scroll:
    The module “C:LG
    ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660vs660.dll” failed
    to load.

    Make sure the binary is stored at the specific path or
    debug it to check for problems with the binary or
    dependent .DLL files.

    The specified module could not be found.

    • Salem

      So, first of all, you're absolutely sure

      that C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660vs660.dll is the location of the

      .dll file?

  • Bazookatier

    I'm positive. I took the location of the file from the file itself(right-click it, hit properties, copied/pasted the location) and then tried to do it that way. I've now tried to do this on both my Windows 7 Computer and Windows XP. Both are not working.

    Here's a screenshot off of 7. Can you see anything wrong?

    …Just as I'm taking the screenshot of the error from my CMD, it just randomly succeeded. Very strange. So I'm fixed for the moment, I'm going to continue the tutorial. Thanks again Salem for pilfering through and making such an awesome guide.

    • Salem

      Hahaha ohhh computers, how fickle can you be? Let me know if the rest of the

      tutorial works out for you.

  • John81

    kept getting errors when attempting to update.. about not being able to load DLLs

    open command prompt as administrator (if your using win7 or vista..)


    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0CommandProcessor4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_BaseModel4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_BasicComControl4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_Command4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_DLManager4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_EFS4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_ERS4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_FLASH4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_Log4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_MemoryTransfer4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_NVStorage4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_OneBinary4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_PortManager4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_Script4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_Security4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_UI4.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTComponents 4.0LGNPST_Utility4.dll”

    • Salem

      I can't verify this only because my phone is already downgraded; can anyone

      try this and post if it works?

  • S3rvant

    Might want to add to step 4 that you should run both of the installers that were just extracted. Thank you btw for putting this together, worked wonderfully.

    • Salem

      no problem, and thanks for catching that :D

      • Jason Knight

        I've updated all the steps on my blog at

        Go there for complete directions. Comments have been posted for a long time about missing crucial steps and this blog has not been updated. I also have a direct link to the files instead of f***ing megaload…

  • Connor_Engholm

    I wasn't going to comment, but I had the same problem as a lot of other people. My phone wasn't being recognized by the program. What worked for me was restarting my computer, and also having my phone plugged in while it was turned off.

    • Salem

      So turning it off helped you, too? To be honest, I never had to do that, but

      if it works, it might be good to make not of that. I'll try adding that to

      the tutorial later.

      • Jason Knight

        You have to turn it off in order for the system to install all of the necessary drivers. Otherwise it only installs the mass storage drivers only. The phone also has to be off to perform the downgrade in my experience, which makes since, since you are downgrading. Any time you work with the ROM on most Android devices, you need to be in a recovery mode, not while the phone is turned on.


    i am running windows 7
    when i type in the start bar(cmd.exe) only cmd comes up
    i run it as admin
    i type the whole code in (regsvr32 “C:LG ElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660VS660.dll”)
    it says it has failed
    i try it without (regsvr32) and it says the system cannot find the path specified
    any ideas?
    do i have to have a folder a certain name?
    have it in any certain place?
    i followed the steps
    up to there
    ive had no problems

    • Salem

      Yes, the code that you give it tells it where to look for the .dll. If your

      folders don't look like the folder path in that code, then it'll look in the

      wrong place and return an error.

      • stinkybudz

        the problem with the .dll failing was fixed by redownloading the .zip package from the breakneck website. That worked for me. But now after i did the downgrade I dont get 3g and cannot make phone calls but can receive texts. any idea?

        • Salem

          Did you add all the packages/files before restoring? I'd try it one more

          time. Or, try the restore tab like the previous guy did. He said he got that

          to work for him.

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  • Jason Knight

    Dude, what seems like a pain is that you have left out a lot of very critical steps here. While it is really cool that you took all the information and put it in one place, it is very frustrating, not only for a newb, but for a seasoned Android hacker. We all know this handset is sub-par for only $20 or whatever it is, but I have to say I almost gave up, until I did more googling on the subject. I've added to these steps so that you get the complete solution here:

  • Jerkface0660

    hey man, on step 11, when i try to run LGNPST.exe, it tells me “fail to load the skin.dll”.

    no program runs or anything. just that pop up window with the “ok” button and thats it.


  • Amanda Samford

    When I try to run the command prompt line I continue to get errors. This is what comes up: failed to load, could not be found. I double checked the location, it IS there. I'm not sure what to do!

  • Froyo 2.2.1 hater

    Does anyone know if this will work for a Galaxy Samsung S (I9000). I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.2.1 and it sucks. Almost none of my apps are working anymore and those that do, seem to have their settings reset to default every time they are closed or if the phone is rebooted.

    • Salem

      whoa whoa do NOT use this on anything but the LG Vortex. The firmware is

      specifically for that phone, as is the software. Running this on another

      device won't work and could possibly brick it.

      • Froyo 2.2.1 hater

        Thanks for the info. Your answer confirmed what I figured. There was no way I was going to apply this downgrade until someone told me they had done it and it worked for them.

        You or anyone else don't have an idea where I can find a similar solution for my phone model? I've searched all over the place, but so far have not found anything.

        • Salem

          Sorry, wish I could help :( I don't have that phone.

  • ron

    I am going to bed. Tried repeatedly to get the LGNPST app to see my phone to no avail. Rebooted to Administrator, no change. Back to my login, I am an admin on my own computer (duh!). Still no change. Phone is in USB/Mass Storage mode.
    Windows 7 computer.

    • Salem

      Are you talking about the one comand? if you just “Run” it, it won't work.

      You need to run it via command prompt.

  • Ron

    Ok, I don't what I did different but it appears to be working…. Tadaaaah!!! Note: At the end of the line on Step 11 you need to add, “click on the Start button”, otherwise you sit there forever.
    It worked, I am not at Android 2.2….. thanks

    • Salem

      I'm glad it worked out for you :D and I'll add that as soon as I get to my

      home computer (I'm away atm)

  • wooyo

    LG is  a good piece of cellphone.

  • Matt Eskes

    Have anything that would work on the Leenooks?

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic sharing!

    • Salem

      Haha thank you!

  • Rfreeman167

    Wow, I still can’t believe your post resurrected my phone. I had erased the LGHome.apk, and had no hope. Thanks!

    • Salem

      I figure that if I have an issue, someone out there must also have a similar issue. Glad to know I could help.

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  • Malifurios

    What do I do if my computer will not recognize my phone?

    • Salem

      What do you mean by “won’t recognize?” Does it have issues installing the driver?

  • Eric Yao

    hi, I recently rooted my phone with gingerbreak and uninstalled some bloatware from verizon. Then I couldn’t see the home screen, although I can pulled down the status bar. After following your steps above and at running lgnpst.exe. I got the error message saying: Fail to load the Skin.dll. Do you have any idea? Thanks

    • Salem

      So sometimes verizon bloatware can’t just be uninstalled, because there are dependencies in it that they’ve hooked into the Android OS. For example, if you uninstalled the LG Home thing, it won’t display anything (or so I’ve been told). That might be your problem. See if you can find it on the Android market or from a friend

    • Bloobs

       make sure the LGNPST.exe file is in the LGNPST folder, not alongside it. Also, once it is in the LGNPST folder, make sure you’re running LGNPST.exe, not LGNPST_General.exe

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  • Bloobs

    While hitting a few bumps along the way, this is by far the most comprehensive method for performing this task. Kudos and many THANKS!

  • Milton

    Good tutorial. It worked to unbrick my Vortex. What if we want to use the LGNPST method to “upgrade” to 2.2.2? Seems we should only need different tot, scr, prl and possibly dll files. Any where to download those?

    • Salem

      2.2.2 only serves to try to patch the security hole that makes the device unrootable in the first place. You might as well stay on 2.2.1.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Salem,
        I get this error message:
        The module “C:LGElectronicsLGNPSTModelLGVS660vs660.dll” failedto load.
        Make sure the binary is stored at the specific path ordebug it to check for problems with the binary ordependent .DLL files.
        The specified module could not be found.(thats the end)
        yes my files are in the good location, so I tried what you suggested for Impy Right Click/properties (on the CMD.exe window) but I could not find a Compatibility tab, neither could I find a Run as admin option, your help would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you! You’re Awesome! MAN!!

    I rooted and deleted a google keyboard and then I did factory reset. So I had no way can use it. But you save me!! Thanks a lot!! God Bless You :D