RockMelt Beta Invite Giveaway!

I just installed RockMelt (using it right now, actually) and I have a few beta keys to give away. Three, to be precise.

What is RockMelt?

It’s a new browser, built off Chromium, with tons of social networking features. It allows you to update your facebook and twitter statuses, share any page you’re on seamlessly, keep up to date with your various RSS feeds, chat with friends… there is a lot of stuff. It’s kinda cool, actually.

More importantly, beta giveaway!

I’m giving away three beta invites. Just share this page somehow and post a comment with a link to where you shared it. StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook… they all work just fine (if you share it on facebook, make sure you set the visibility of the post to “Everyone” so we can see it). I’m cutting off submissions on February 15th (or sooner if there isn’t a whole lot of interest (psh, like that will happen)).

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  • Frank
    • Salem

      Thanks! Haha congrats on being the first entry, too.

  • themecreator

    Ouch :D One week since you posted it ^^, Well, I'm better off with firefox, I think!

    A tip is to check out A really fancy startpage for your internetbrowser! It collects news feeds from the sites you are visiting the most, and present everything at one page. (!)

    • Salem

      wait, what do you mean? i think the giveaway is still open.

      • themecreator

        Oh, true! I didn't read the last sentence :D In that case, I hereby submit to to this awesome giveaway ^^,