Ironbuds – modular earbuds. Finally.


Ironbuds - Modular earphones.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to get rid of (or unsuccessfully try to repair) a pair of earbuds because part of them had frayed or broken. It sucks, particularly when the earphone itself still works fine. Those cables never last me. I abuse them way more than I should. At any rate, get ready for some modular earphones from Ironbuds, the first completely modular earbud: Ironbuds.

The site is still a startup and is using Kickstarter to raise some initial funds. The headphones are relatively cheap ($21-47 for some pretty good quality headphones) and seem to be made of high quality materials. The cables are even wound in a woven protective covering.

At any rate, definitely give it a look. If you donate to the startup, you can even receive a pair of earphones for yourself. I myself donated to the cause and will hopefully receive a pair soon.

Check them out on kickstarter.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting! I agree, it doesn’t matter how much the earphones costs, after a couple of months (maximum), they are sure to be broken in some way! You should make a review of them when you get them! 

    In my country (Norway), almost all Koss products has lifetime guaranty, which means that it doesn’t really matter how it broke, or how broken it is, you can just go to the store and get a new one ^^, Not too bad that either :)

  • Sid

    Did you ever receive the headphones?

    • Salem

      Not yet, but they’ve been sending status updates and pictures. They look nice, and are finally getting produced.