What I’ve been listening to.

After spending my last summer in San Francisco, I came back from my internship with a craving for Bonobo and Flying Lotus. There’s something about the area that breeds good music. I blame it largely on the climate.

I use Spotify more during the summer, primarily because the laptop I use for work isn’t my own, and it doesn’t make sense to push all my music onto it. I made a handful of playlists last summer, and it’s highly apparent that I don’t listen to half of the artists I used to (there are a number of Skrillex tracks floating around in my account). This being said, I’d like to start logging what I’m listening to. It’ll be a good way to enforce my discovery of new music, and it’ll be interesting to look back and see what I’ve listened to.

I went to two different shows in the past 9 days or so. On the 27th, I saw Cyril Hahn open for Duke Dumont, and on the 2nd, I saw French Fries, Cashmere Cat, Hudson Mohawke, and Jacques Greene. I’ve been listening to a lot of loud music.

Here are some favorites.

Lil Salva’s remix of the classic SBTRKT track swaps out the light and soft-spoken rhythm of the original track for a much more abrasive bassline, a distinctly iconic UK sound. The rework relies heavily on Sampha‘s original vocals, using them to drive the much heavier track forward. Definitely worth a listen.

I’ve been a fan of Flume since his self-titled debut album showed up at WRCT. I’d heard this particular remix several weeks ago, but it wasn’t until a friend explicitly introduced me to Ta-Ku that I paid closer attention. Ta-Ku, like Flume, leans heavily on hip hop influences, although his producing certainly pulls harder towards the synth-dominant melodies of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. This particular remix is, like the previous track, a more heavy-handed take on a laid back song.

Lots of remixes. Sorry. Nicolas Jaar reworked Daft Punk’s entire new album into an entirely different beast. He somehow managed to retain the album’s funkiness while igniting it and adding a twist of lemon. It’s been out for some time now, but I’ve had it stuck in my head for the past week or so. The original is naturally just as good, particularly the refrain. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with Nicolas Jaar.

Let me know if you have any music recommendations for me. I always love new stuff.

  • Sid Sethi

    Excellent tracks. I’m checking them out as I write this. The mashup below somewhat fits into the songs you posted above:

    It’s real old, but I love sharing this with people because it always blows their minds. It’s best if you’ve had some exposure to Biggie and have listened to the original XX track. But his flow is just astounding and fits so well with the music to create this enchanting vibe.

    • http://technoheads.org Salem

      I’m a big XX and Biggie fan. The only pity is that a lot of the Biggie acapellas that are left are pretty low quality, making mashups with him not as good as they could be. That being said, really solid pairing on that track. Ever check out Jaydiohead? http://www.maxtannone.com/projects/jaydiohead/