Detour releases DETOUR001

A local collective of DJs have put together a quietly intense release not long ago, and I got my hands on a pressing. It came in nice wrapping paper.

Detour, a collective of Pittsburgh DJ’s and tastemakers, has proven to be a reliable source of solid music and concerts, helping to grow the “underground” music scene in Pittsburgh. This release marks the beginnings of their functioning as a fledgling label, boasting a track from the Pittsburgh Track Authority. The album has a soul woven out of cold techno vibes, but remains littered with house elements. Very true to the sound they profess to have on their website:

Residing at the intersection of house and techno, DETOUR is a Pittsburgh collective that creates visually and sonically immersive experiences. DETOUR seeks to act as a junction where both seasoned and newly-interested enthusiasts of house and techno can come together for an experience of both sight and sound.

Even PTA’s track seems to fit the bill, leaving behind most of their funkier sampling. Definitely worth the listen.

Buy it here or follow them on soundcloud here. Definitely do that second one.