New Facebook Scams!

As with most websites, scams are always abound. However, if a facebook scam were to acquire your email and password, you could be exposing personal information to hackers and phishers. This can lead to identity thieft and other public damage, concidering the scammers now have access to one of your most capable forms of communicating with your friends.

Thousands of these sites go out on a daily basis, but since every little bit helps, its important to get word out about all threats. If you get emails, messages, or any links to any part of sites like:, (thanks, Philip), or, ignore them. I can’t stress enough how dangerous sites like these can be. I recommend using browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome that automatically block suspicious phishing websites, and warn you when you attempt to access content on their sites.

iPhone Users; Visit my blog on your iPod!

I recently added a plugin to my blog that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to view a mobile version of my blog on their iPods. It looks really sleek, although I may go in later and tweak the theme a little bit. Speaking of, my new theme is almost totally in place. I think its really coming along. If you have any suggestions, let me know, and I’ll take them to heart.

Under Construction

This site, although allllmost finished, is still being updated quite a bit, so that its not so patchwork-esque. Bear with me, it should be done shortly. In all honestly, I just have some work to do with the logo, and some of the Entrecard ads I want to add are a bit off-placed and misaligned. If anyone has any suggestions, etc., please let me know. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but it seems to be working!

Wolfram Alpha: the answer to all your questions

Wolfram|Alpha: The best thing since... well, anything.

This might just be the most fantastic thing since Google.

Remember “Ask Jeeves,” the search engine that turned questions into search pages (Its now known as… they did away with Jeeves)? Yesterday marked the public release of a new search engine, that goes off this principal, but takes it leaps and bounds further. is a brand new site that will answer pretty much anything you ask it.  Its not a search engine as much as it is a knowledge engine; it doesnt search web pages, but rather it searches through a database of “Mathemaitca,” their own brand of digital facts and data.
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