My birthday, and some new vids.

Yes, it’s my birthday. I’m a dork, and feel the need to post that on my blog. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon, I promise. I was hoping to have it done by my birthday, but I have to finish a review in order for that to happen, so… actually, I’ve run out of things to say, so I’ll end that sentence.


New topic. Just for kicks, I recorded myself DJ’ing. Again, it’s not great, but I do want some feedback. That being said, tell me why I suck. Here are the videos. (A total of about 18 minutes of mixing).



Here’s the track list:

“Loader” – Shadow Dancer
“Rock, Paper, Scissors” – Fukkk Offf
“Pogo (Digitalism’s Robotic Remix)” – Digitalism
“Boom Boom Pow” – Black Eyed Peas
“Satisfaction” – Benny Benassi
Ghosts n Stuff (Radio Edit) – Deadmau5

Download the 18 minute mix here.

#MusicMonday – A new mix

A really good friend of mine sent me some guitar samples he’d recorded recently. So, I thought I’d add some harmonies and beats to it, just to see what it’d sound like. If you can tell, I sampled Gorillaz, Pitbull, Death Cab for Cutie, and Santana, but not enough that you could really tell. Although, if you guess which songs I sampled, I’ll be rather impressed.

[audio:|titles=Messing around]

What do you think?

I’d love to hear some critiques. I threw this together in a day and a half, and this is all improvisation on my friend’s part. Plus, the song is only about a minute and a half, so I wouldn’t even consider it “finished.” Regardless, post some feedback!

#MusicMonday – Somebody[1]

A’ight, internet. I know that technically this was published on Sunday Night, but I don’t think anyone really cares, right? This week’s selection is a song by PT Walkley, called “Somebody.” It’s a bit more along the lines of the kinds of music I typically post, unlike last week’s post. Its very chill, mellow, and happy, for those of you who smile too much. Anyways, since I couldn’t find a suitable video for the song on Youtube, here’s a neat little mp3 I found on someone else’s site. Usually I don’t like stealing bandwidth, but when it comes to music, I like to be safe, rather than sorry. There’s always strange stipulations about hosting music on your site, no one likes legal complications. Anyways, here’s the song. Eat up, and be sure to tell me what you think.


The good, the bad, and the video.

I love the song for two reasons: its fantastic use of a string quartet to back up the vocalist’s guitar (check the video out if you don’t get what I mean) and its fantastic, yet subtle, buildup of sound throughout the song. The song reminds me of Panic at the Disco’s later album, with its use of typical band instruments in conjunction with a symphonic melody-line, which, in retrospect, is almost exactly what I just said, yet worded differently.

Regardless, after digging on youtube for a music video of the song, I found this, which seems to be a well-recorded live version of most of the song, and it really shows just how many people it took to make it. I found it rather remarkable that it could all be pulled off, particularly when none of the musicians can see each other, but hey, it works. Anyways, watch it. It’ll make you smarter.


#MusicMondays – Death of a Piano Salesman

Appologies in advance to friends who’ve sent me music ideas; as much as I’d love to use them, I didn’t have much time to dig through them tonight, but I will use them! That being said, I’ve been getting into some hip/trip hop, and some DJ stuff recently. When my cousin told me to check out “Waldeck,” (Klaus Waldeck, to be precise). I found I really liked him. Interestingly enough, he used to be a copyright lawyer. Who’d’ve guessed. Is that even a word? Anyways…

Here’s the video.


As a note, the video clips were from the fantastic movie, “Let the Right One In.” It’s on netflix. Watch it.

Now that thats out of the way, onto what I think of the song. While a bit repetitive, it is very, very chill, which I’ve come to like in my music. Wikipedia calls his music “electronica,” although you could easily shove it under “ambient.” What’s ambient? If you’re too lazy to look it up, the song you just heard is ambient. Clear enough, isn’t it? Very relaxing, very soft, slow, not too harsh.

That being said, what do you guys think? Good, bad, or ugly? Leave some comments; I’d be happy to hear about your thoughts on my musical taste.

#MusicMonday – Brush the Days Off

My second song

My second song, with many more to come.

I decided, for this week, that I’d publish another one of my mixes for everyone to hear. This time, I mixed Jay-Z’s “Dirt off your Shoulder” with Amon Tobin’s “At the End of the Day.” I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this mix, and it turned out better than I thought. Like my previous song, this one contains questionable lyrics, so if you’re like.. I don’t know, three years old, then don’t listen to this. Anyways, take a listen;


Please, tell me what you think. I love to hear feed back, because it really lets me know how I’m doing with stuff like this.

Downloads, links, and other good stuff

Download the song here (right click the link and select “Save As”).

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”

Listen to Amon Tobin’s “At the End of the Day.”

Oh, and for a funny note, I’m pretty sure Jay-Z lowers his voice in his songs; his voice is higher in my mix, which has the original vocals in it, than it does in his music video and album recording. I think he sounds fine both ways, but still. Come on, Jay-Z.

#MusicMonday – Herculean

An experiment gone horribly… right?

This weeks music pick is called “Herculean” from “The Good, The Bad, and The Queen.” I say “from,” not “by,” because the band that recorded the album actually has no name. Good luck scrobbling them on  When I first heard it, I could have sworn it was by the “digital band,” Gorillaz, in which the band has only ever been seen in some form of animation, and only the bass player seems to be good enough to have pupils in his eyes (and because the Gorillaz website is a load of crap, here’s their page). It turns out, the “nameless” band was done as a project (Damon Albarn, who’s the singer, also is the lead singer of Gorillaz), with the overall goal of producing an album depicting every-day life in London. I can almost hear the rain. Only joking; take a listen.


The song, like a lot of the music I’ve been listening to recently, is pretty soft and relaxing, with soft guitar, some piano/synth, and (of course) some strings here and there. I’m not going to rant too much about it, but I have to say it’s a very good listen.

Listen/download the song here.