Merry Christmas, everyone!

I just wanted to wish all my readers a warm and happy Christmas, and a great, fulfilling, and promising new year. Yeah, I know its about 5 or 6 days too early to be wishing people a happy new year, but I don’t care.

Anyways, here’s a cool little Christmas-related youtube-video-slash-poem I thought I’d share with everyone. NPR (National Public Radio) has been broadcasting it this time of year for the past 20-odd years, and its rather witty.

Ode to Christmas


Meet the Spy video; leaked!


The popular first person shooter, Team Fortress 2, often releases videos for each of the game’s charater types. The videos previously released have been ones like “Meet the Heavy,” “Meet the Engineer,” and “Meet the Scout.” Recently, months have flown by with n’ere a video in sight. However, as of the 16th, a legitimate video was leaked on Youtube (as shown above); Meet the Spy is now unofficially public. Nothing has been said about the video on, Valve’s gaming community, leading me to believe that the video was leaked before its actual release date. Thank God for the internet.

Now then, if you want to download a copy of the video, you can do so here:


the new webnotes screencast, done by a friend of mine

WebNotes, a website I previously promoted (by giving out beta keys) has released a new screencast done by a good friend of mine, Mike Boylan. I think its really, really professionally done, and its worth watching. It also showcases all of WebNotes’ juicy features. Just go to and click the big “Play” button. You can’t miss it.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, WebNotes is an online tool that allows you to take notes directly on other websites (and PDF’s, if you pay for a Pro account). I use it a lot for blogging; its a great way for me to keep track of sites I’ve visited. Stop by their website, hit the “Demo” button, and look at everything it can do. Pretty fantastic, actually.

A little more on my friend: Mike Boylan has a blog,, and a twitter account, @mboylan. Check his stuff out; he’s incredibly talented when it comes to computers.

Origional music is always interesting.


This is interesting, and clearly has nowhere near the amount of hits it deserves. Its a cellist and a beatboxing flute (the latter of which I’ve seen more and more of recently) playing in the Union Square metro station. Its interesting, so check it out. Here’s a link to most of their videos strung together in a playlist.

Its good, I promise.

How to stay protected from Conficker!

Really, getting protection in this day and age shouldn’t be hard, particularly from stupid viruses, should not be so hard. I managed to find a really easy, 100% foolproof way of protecting your computer from all Conficker attacks with just one click. The click will patch your computer, and install a small anti-virus packet that will run on your computer for a month, at which point will delete itself (it can be assumed that the virus will no longer be a threat at this time).

This being said,

finally, after over a month…

I gave up. As you may or may not know, my highest hitting youtube video, a tutorial on how to control your computer remotely with an iPod Touch/iPhone, was taken down because Youtube’s contract with Warner Music Group expired. I wasn’t the only one affected: thousands of videos were removed or muted. At first, I thought “Ok, I’ll just wait for a new contract to be written up and published.” Nothing has even started to happen on this front so far, and finally, I used Youtube’s Audioswap feature to swap the audio of my video (Which was “Reset” by Mutemath) with some arbitrary electronic song from Youtube’s Audioswap library. Sadly, everyone watching my video now sees an advertisement for the song about 10 seconds into it, and the song doesn’t fit with the video any more. Fantastic.

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