Its been, what? 5 days?

As many of you know, President Bush had a pair of shoes thrown at him during a surprise visit to Iraq.


What made me laugh, however, was how quickly the internet grabbed this story and ran with  it. On the day it happened, youtube videos immediately went up, and most of them received hits in the several hundred thousand. I decided to wait 5 days to see what would happen. Here’s what I’ve found;

Several flash games have sprung up, and other sites have added George Bush Shoe merchandise to their product lists. My personal favorite is “Sock and Awe,” although it would be nice to see a leaderboard. Most ironic of all is the fact that “America” has thrown the most shoes, according to Sock and Awe.

Coldplay? Sued?

I had heard that Coldplay had been sued by Joe Satriani over their newest song, “Viva la Vida.”

Now, I’m a fairly big Coldplay fan. Their older stuff was good, and even Viva la Vida got my attention for a little bit. However, they’ve become overhyped, and in the process, rediculously rich. As my friend puts it, their music is being affected by ‘the rich affect.’ Personally, I can’t wait to see the outcome of this trial, but not to see who wins; I want to see what will become of the loser.

SeeqPod – Playable Search

Humorously enough, another band called ‘The Creaky Boards” claimed that Coldplay had copied “Viva la Vida” from them as well, but those charges have (as yet) to be carried out.