RockMelt Beta Invite Giveaway!

I just installed RockMelt (using it right now, actually) and I have a few beta keys to give away. Three, to be precise.

What is RockMelt?

It’s a new browser, built off Chromium, with tons of social networking features. It allows you to update your facebook and twitter statuses, share any page you’re on seamlessly, keep up to date with your various RSS feeds, chat with friends… there is a lot of stuff. It’s kinda cool, actually.

More importantly, beta giveaway!

I’m giving away three beta invites. Just share this page somehow and post a comment with a link to where you shared it. StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook… they all work just fine (if you share it on facebook, make sure you set the visibility of the post to “Everyone” so we can see it). I’m cutting off submissions on February 15th (or sooner if there isn’t a whole lot of interest (psh, like that will happen)).

MacX Pro Video Converter: Free! (for now)

I just got an email from a small web-based software company, Digiarty, that is giving away full copies of their video converting software to celebrate the launch of their latest website, MacX. Essentially, it takes a variety of video formats (including Mac-specific ones like .MOV, as well as PC-specific ones, like .WMV and .AVI) and converts them into any variety of formats, including pre-made “templates” (like “iPhone” or “Apple TV”).

Here’s a clip from the email:

MacXDVD Software ( is our new website which mainly focuses on Mac products, but also with

Windows version included. For the coming Thanksgiving, we are running giveaway on both Mac and Windows version of MacX Video Converter Prountil Nov 15. So I am writing to see if you would be interested in this giveaway and share this giveaway news or review it on your site.

The Giveaway Page:

Built in 420+ video/audio codecs and advanced HD video decoding engine, MacX Video Converter Pro owns powerful capabilities to convert among all HD video and SD videos and transfer to Mac, PC, iMovie, iTunes, iPhone iPad, iPod, etc.

It also enables users to download YouTube videos and convert to other format or create VOB files from video for burning to DVD.

How to Get MacX Video Converter Pro for Free

1.     For Mac users, download the full version of MacX Video Converter Pro by click “Download for Mac” button, and use the license code: AY-DSJGNKY-6E7E777

2.     For Windows users, download the full version of MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows by click “Download for Windows” button, and use the license code: BO-UMUJUMYT-FBOBXO

MacX Giveaway Page

Free Mac DVD ripper giveaway!

This isn’t the giveaway I promised, but it seems more important. For the rest of this month, WinX is giving the Mac version of their Platinum DVD Ripper for FREE. That’s right, you don’t have to pay a CENT to get all those crunchy episodes of LOST you ordered on dvd right onto your iPod! The ripper is insanely fast, insanely easy to use, and insanely  adaptable, as you will find in my review of the software (the PC version, at least). Even Cnet likes it. You can’t go wrong with this software. And did I mention it’s free until July?

All you have to do to get it for FREE is:
  1. Download the installer here and run it.
  2. Register with this license key: WINXMC-2010-3721-GIVEAWAY
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

You can visit the site for instructions, features, and more here.

Visit the WinX Homepage

Visit the giveaway page

Google Wave Beta Invite Giveaway!


Anyone who has signed up for an invite should know that I will be pulling winners by the 20th of this month. Additionally, if anyone wants a second chance at winning beta invites, check out my friend’s blog at for additional beta invites.

I’m giving away 10 Google Wave Beta Invites! Thats right; 10 lucky people will get Google Wave beta invites, courtesy of myself. I feel like when I’m low on post ideas and visitors, the best way to snag a few extras is to give free stuff away. Besides, I like giving out free stuff; what am I going to do with all these invites anyways? It’s not like I have friends or anything (whatever those are).

Google Wave is a communication program aimed at making it easy and simple to collaborate with multiple people. There’s really no other way to describe it besides to direct you to my quick review on it or to point you to the site, which has a nice introductory video on Google Wave and what it’s about.

This giveaway is going to work a little different than the ones I’ve done in the past. To be submitted in this contest, you’ll need to do one of two things: tweet the post, or digg it.

1. Tweet this post!

All you’ll need to do to tweet this post is to click the big “Tweet this now!” button below, and clicking the “Update” button to post the tweet. Thats it! If you win, I’ll send you a message on twitter.

Tweet this now!

If you submit, I’ll follow you, so that’s an added bonus. Plus, if you post your twitter account name in the comments section, I’m sure other viewers would be happy to follow you.

Get on twitter, log in, and then click the image create a tweet with a link to this post. Its that easy!

2. Digg this post.

A horribly easy way to get another submission is to Digg this post. Again, all you have to do is click the big button below, and click “Digg this”.  Oh, and make sure you have a Digg account, too. You’ll need one of those. Reagardless, digging is really easy, and takes one click. Go for it! You might just win.

Tweet or Digg this post now!

iTunes $30 Giveaway!

Because I’m shabby, I felt the need to throw out a few giveaways from time to time. This time, I’m giving away TWO $15 iTunes Giftcards! All you have to do to enter is promote my blog somehow. I have a points system set up. Below is a huge list of ways you can earn submissions for the gift card. Every time you do something, you can earn more and more submissions. When the deadline rolls around (which I’m going to set as the 20th of September, Midnight EST), I will use to pull a random ticket from your list of submissions. Make sure you enter your correct email when you post comments, so I can contact you if you’re the winner. If your email returns a “Does Not Exist” email, or you do not respond to it within a week, I will choose a second winner. Anyways, I’m willing to give submissions for almost anything that’ll get my blog a bit of publicity. Here are some ideas I came up with;

Just post a comment!  (1) (Easiest way!)
Come on. How much easier could it be? Heck, I’ll even give you a second submission if your comment is funny.

Digg this post! (2) (ALMOST easiest way)
I want this post to be ALL over Digg. Help me out here!

Tweet about this post on Twitter (1)
Everyone is tweeting these days. Fairly self-explanitory. The “Share This” link on the bottom makes tweeting this post really easy. One submission.

Join my Facebook Fan Page! (2 each)
I set up a Facebook page for my site. Check it out here, and post a comment here AND on the fan page itself once you’ve subscribed. You can find it here.

Follow me! (2 each)
Follow me, either by email or RSS , and post a comment once you have so I can check. – 2 submissions each.

Network me! (1 each)
Add me to a social network or web bookmarking site (StumbleUpon,, etc). Again, post a comment here with a link to the added submission. – 1 submission

Donate 100 Entrecard Credits (3)
If you’re an Entrecard user, you can donate Entrecard Credits to me. I’ll give you 3 submissions for every 100 you send me.

Review my blog on yours! (3)

If you review my blog, not only will you get 3 submissions, but I’ll review yours if you win! Good deal, huh? Just contact me or post a comment here, and I’ll get you your credits right away.

Post a link for my site on yours (3)
This is one of the best way to get submissions. I get a few hits, and you get 3 submissions to win the gift card!

Put an ad up for my site (5)
This is fairly straighforward; if you’re a blogger, put an image ad for my site up on your site. I can provide images if you need. Just click the “Contact” tab on the top of this page. For this, I award 5 submissions.

If you come up with a better idea for ways to promote my blog, I’ll add it to the list above AND give you 1 submission for free. Just contact me, and I’ll respond as soon as I can. So, comment up, promote my blog, and you might be the owner of $15 iTunes Dollars!

Battlefund Giveaway Results!

Its been almost a month…

Well, with over 89 comments, and a WHOLE lot of submissions, I’ve had to chose 2 winners. I’d like to thank everyone for commenting, and I really appreciate it. Please, keep checking my site out. I’m going to do a giveaway on my 100th post (which is only a few posts away… I think I’m on my 95th or something) so keep posted!

Ok. Enough chit chat. The winners are…

Themecreator and Milkman!

I hope you guys spend your tickets wisely… send me a screenshot with your character and whatever it is you bought and I’ll post it on my site. Thanks a ton for playing, and I wish you guys the best of luck. You’ll be receiving emails with a code shortly (Themecreator, you might have yours already).

I also announced the winners of the contest on the podcast I’m helping to produce, JustJumpIn. You can check it out at Look for episode 3 (which I just recorded); its the episode that I mention the winners.

Once again, thanks everyone!