Free Rapidshare Pro Accounts!


CLICK HERE for free rapids.

This stuff is old and no longer works:

Yeah, I’ve found a website that gives away Rapidshare Premium accounts through its ad revenue. In addition to rapidshares,  premium accounts for Filefactory, Hostgator, Filefront, Megashare, Sendspace, Fileplanet, Megaupload, and Gamespot are also regularly given away. And best yet, its not one of those shady, under-the-counter faked accounts either. These accounts are perfectly legal. Check it out here:

First of all, this isn’t a scam. Its perfectly legitimate, and requires no credit cards, money, or other annoyances. All it asks you for are a username, password, and email (and I have yet to receive spam emails from them). You just have to click a link, which generates a random number. If your number is in their range of numbers, you win an account. They pay for the accounts via advertisements, and as long as they have a cash flow, they can buy more accounts. So, what do you have to lose?

Oh, and if you aren’t satisfied, how about this; every time I win an account, I’ll put it on the site and raffle it off. Sound good? It is. I promise. Try it out.

Congratulations to the CA Antivirus winners

The winners of the CA Antivirus Giveaway, chosen at random, are…

“Michelle” and “Jessica P”

Expect to receive emails with download links and product keys, both of you. The keys are good for one and only one computer, and is are good for a year from the date of activation. 

If you don’t get emails within the next week or so, please email me and I’ll make sure you get the keys directly. Thanks for commenting, and stay posted for future giveaways!

CA Antivirus Review and Giveaway

So, Staples was nice enough to throw in a license for CA Antivirus 2008, probably because they were trying to get rid of it (seeing as 2009 is shipping now). Regardless, I have a legitimate antivirus program thats valid until 2010, which is cool, and I’d like to give away 2 copies of it. Just read the article, and post a comment or two, and you’re submitted to win a copy (Valued at $39.99).

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