X2’s “iTablet” destroys the iPad, in theory.

I suppose it was only a matter of time until someone (namely X2) released something that at least appears to be an iPad killer, but did they really need to name it the iTablet? Thats like naming an mp3 player the iContainer or something horrendously dumb like that. What were they thinking?

Anyways, here’s a nice big picture of it.

Sorry, Apple. I think we won.

Some specs

The tablet boasts a ton of things the iPad has, and a few things it doesn’t:

  • 10.2″ or 12.1″ screens.
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Bluetooth
  • A 3G antenna
  • 1.3 megapixel webcam
  • A 1.6 Ghz Intel processor
  • 35 mm thick (which, granted, seems massive compared to the iPad’s 12mm thickness)
  • 3 USB ports
  • An HDMI out port

The iTablet will be on the market in April, although the prices aren’t released yet.

Comcast is now Xfinity?

Huh, thats interesting. It sounds like Comcast, the massive cable company, has renamed itself to Xfinity. What the heck? I mean, they spent all this time screwing up their public relations, but they’re going to just scrap all that and change their name. I can’t even pronounce Xfinity. I seriously think that the only reason they changed their name was because people think so poorly of Comcast.

To quote Gizmodo:

Do you get it, people? It’s infinity, which is awesome, and X, which is dangerous. It’s, like, dangerously awesome.

New Mobile Google Voice!


Recently, I went to check my Google Voice account on my iPod Touch and noticed that they had a totally new interface. No longer is the interface old, crusty, and un-useful. All your conversations are easily viewable, and, like the computer interface, conversations are clustered together, with older text messages hidden. And, better yet, you can CALL people from your device now (that is, if its been activated as a phone on Google voice). You pretty much have all the functionality that you have on the computer interface, plus a bigger number pad.

The one thing that did briefly trip me up is that when you log on; Google asks you for your device’s number. If you are on a phone that isn’t registered with your Google Voice account, select “This phone’s number is not listed,” which will allow you to proceed to your inbox.

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Why is this funny?

Well, way back when (i.e. a month or two ago), Google made a really really great iPhone app for Google Voice. Granted, there had been a jailbroken one for a while, but thats another story for another time. Apple (or AT&T) saw this, thought it would kill their bandwidth and hurt their phone service, and so veto’d the app. Google promised to release a webapp with the full functionality of the appstore app. And they did. Go google.

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Apple Announces iPad Mini

Apple's done it again!

Apple has done it again!

For those of you who think the new iPad is too large and ungainly for every-day use, Apple has announced the new iPad Mini. The mini, which is currently available for purchase, promises to be a lightweight counterpart to its iPad sibling. Apple clearly didn’t want to disappoint people, and they certainly haven’t.

What does it do?

The iPad Mini features up to 32 gigs of storage, much like its big brother, and comes with a 3G antenna included. Thats right, you don’t need to pay the extra $150 to access internet anywhere AT&T will let you.  Speaking of prices, the iPad Mini starts at only $199. Apple claims it is “twice as fast” as the iPad, for “half the price” (See above image).   The device sports a multitouch screen, and now comes with something even the iPad doesn’t have: 3 megapixel a camera. The keyboard works much like that of the iPad, except smaller, allowing you to type with one hand, much like you would on a cellphone. Apple also added a compass to the device, making it better-suited for map programs, as well as augmented reality. Like the iPad, it  can run virtually every program in the appstore. The device’s battery supports up to 5 hours of 3G usage and up to 10 hours of continuous video, if you’re into carrying and watching film festivals with you. Overall, the device promises to be a great option for people who just think the iPad is a little too big, or is just out of their price range. Head over to your nearest Apple store to check it out.

And before someone comments otherwise, this is meant to be sarcastic.
Thanks to @hdberk for the idea.

In other news, someone besides Apple owns ipad.com, which means someone besides Apple is about to get a TON of money.

T-Post: A magazine you can wear.

After beating my way through the internet, I stumbled across this site, called “T-Post.” T-Post is a magazine, so to speak, but they don’t publish articles in the way people normally think to publish them (i.e. paper, ink, and a little glue). What T-Post does is it looks for one article every 6 weeks, and then print it on the inside of a t-shirt. They then send the article to famous graphic artists or t-shirt designers, and ask them to design a t-shirt based on their interpretation of the article. The t-shirts are then printed and mailed out to over 50 countries. New t-shirts are sent every six weeks, and costs 19 euros, which is about $27 USD. For more about the site, check out their “about us” video.

They’ve gotten even more creative than that, as of late: Their latest t-shirt design will actually play rock-paper-scissors with you, believe it or not. All you have to do is get to a computer with a webcam, put your shirt on, and a webapp on the T-Post site actually generates a 3D arm coming out of your shirt, which plays against you. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below. It’s arguably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, yet I want to try it really, really badly.


Visit T-Post.se Now!

New Theme: Glow, by ElegantThemes

I realized I haven’t acquainted everyone here to my new theme. So, everyone, meet “Glow,” a rather dashing theme by the good folks down at Elegantthemes.com. They did the last theme for my site, and I’ve never had issues with them. The theme is just really well put together, works really nicely, and has a really, really great backend.

How much did the theme cost, you might wonder? For $20, you get access to every single theme on their site for a whole year, which is a really good deal. They have some really, really fantastic themes, for all different purposes. It has a really, really easy to use backend, with ways to practically modify everything. The theme comes with photoshop files, so you can edit the logo, or any aspect of the theme (I personally turned the background grey). Its a lot sleeker looking, more professional looking (compared to my old, grungy theme, which was also by ElegantThemes), and, finally, the featured articles rotate. It’s about time.