#MusicMonday – Carol Of The Bells (Starchild Excalibur Drumadelic Remix)

Sample THIS!

The London Festival Orchestra, in full battle array.

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? I figured, it being Christmas week and all, that I’d do a few Christmas-y pieces, just to liven things up. Now, don’t get me wrong; typically, I loathe Christmas music, with its repetitive overplayed-ness. I can’t take it. Thankfully, I’ve gotten my hands on an old CD that my parents apparently picked up at Old Navy, of all places, that has some really cool remixes of Christmas music. This one is an awesome remix of the classic Carol of the Bells, by the London Festival Orchestra (remixed by Starchild Excalibur). While the original song is set to a 3/4 beat, the remix adds a 4/4 beat in the background, making it really cool to listen to. Check it out.

Oh, and if the music player tells you you’re only listening to a 30 second clip, just hit “Add” and you can hear the full thing for free. Don’t worry, if it asks you to sign in, make an account. You can trust Lala.

More about the song.

Now then, the first thing I wondered when I heard this song was, “Who is Starchild Excalibur?” The song’s ‘artist’ is apparently the “London Festival Orchestra,” but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that they were just the orchestra sampled in the song. The best I could dig up on “Starchild Excalibur” was his alleged Myspace Page. I figured it was the same person, seeing as the mp3’s on the page sounded good. Incidentally, I also found a song by the “Handsome Boy Modeling School,” a DJ duet that I’ve been listening to a lot of recently, featuring “Starchild Excalibur.” Listen to that, too, if you get a chance. It’d be so much easier to find out more about this guy if he had a page on Wikipedia. The lack therein leads me to believe he is either A. obscure, B. bad (not by my count), or C. goes by a different name.

I’m thinking next Monday, being only 3 days after Christmas, deserves another Christmas remix, and then I’ll give ’em a rest until next year. Anyways, keep posted, keep listening, and merry Christmas (or a belated Hanukkah).

On a side note, if you dare try to invite me to “Christmas” on Facebook, I’ll forward all my spam to you for a year.

Battlefield Heroes running slow? Here’s why.

Battlefield Heroes: Cartoons have never been this badass.

Its those bloody Nationals! Thats why!

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of people upset with Battlefield Heroes due to servers dropping their connections, et cetera. After some digging, I’ve come up with not just one, but two good reasons as to why this is happening.

They better be good…

First of all, as of late, Battlefield Heroes has passed its 3 millionth player mark, which is huge for them: the game has certainly come a long way in the past year or so, and I’m happy to say I’ve been in it allll the way since the private beta. I can’t say I’ve been playing as much (Left 4 Dead 2 has been keeping me substantially busy). Regardless, I feel as though I owe it to my readers to explain what in God’s name is going on over at EA’s Battlefield Heroes servers.

Yeah, it might not be the right logo, but it says the right words. Secondly, probably thanks to the recent player milestone, the Battlefield Heroes servers have seen more activity as of late then they ever have, which is a big deal. Huh. It would seem as though they could do with a few new servers, or something like that, to keep up with these new demands. So, why is all this activity happening now? Partly because EA and the Battlefield Heroes team released a new map for battlefield heroes, called “Sunset Showdown.” While the map doesn’t showcase anything new (apart from the sun being slightly lower in the sky), I’m sure it was reason enough for a lot of almost-fans to try the game out a second time, just for kicks. On top of that, those who are die-hard Battlefield addicts are probably drooling over the new weapons released (for a small fee, of course) to the game. At a price of 560 BattleFunds, you’ll get to indefinitely use the new weapons, which seem to just be better, without any real drawbacks. It doesn’t seem as though they put much thought into the weapons, which is a let down. Hey, at least Valve knows how to release new weapons.


Here are some numbers, just to show how crazy Battlefield Heroes has become.

  • First off, 1382 years of gameplay have been spent, cumulatively, by all the players.
  • 294, 697,962 people have ‘died’ in the game, more than 5 times the total number of people ever deployed to fight by the United States.
  • Every battle takes about 4.7 minutes to play. How quaint.

So, what now?

Well, first off, wait. The BFHeroes team is working diligently to fix all the connection issues, and there isn’t much left to do, apparently. If you’re getting a specific error message, try posting it here, and I’ll try to give you an answer as best I can.

#MusicMonday – Somebody


A’ight, internet. I know that technically this was published on Sunday Night, but I don’t think anyone really cares, right? This week’s selection is a song by PT Walkley, called “Somebody.” It’s a bit more along the lines of the kinds of music I typically post, unlike last week’s post. Its very chill, mellow, and happy, for those of you who smile too much. Anyways, since I couldn’t find a suitable video for the song on Youtube, here’s a neat little mp3 I found on someone else’s site. Usually I don’t like stealing bandwidth, but when it comes to music, I like to be safe, rather than sorry. There’s always strange stipulations about hosting music on your site, no one likes legal complications. Anyways, here’s the song. Eat up, and be sure to tell me what you think.


The good, the bad, and the video.

I love the song for two reasons: its fantastic use of a string quartet to back up the vocalist’s guitar (check the video out if you don’t get what I mean) and its fantastic, yet subtle, buildup of sound throughout the song. The song reminds me of Panic at the Disco’s later album, with its use of typical band instruments in conjunction with a symphonic melody-line, which, in retrospect, is almost exactly what I just said, yet worded differently.

Regardless, after digging on youtube for a music video of the song, I found this, which seems to be a well-recorded live version of most of the song, and it really shows just how many people it took to make it. I found it rather remarkable that it could all be pulled off, particularly when none of the musicians can see each other, but hey, it works. Anyways, watch it. It’ll make you smarter.


Google Chrome for Mac; Beta!

You know, I want to try something new. I’ll publish this post, and keep publishing it as I go, just to see what’ll happen. Anyways, here goes nothing.

[singlepic id=24 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=center]

Annnd… its a boy!

Today marks the first birthday of Google Chrome’s official Beta, for Mac. Yes, yes, before you all whine at me, there has been a very, very buggy developer build for Mac out, released via the Chromium Project. The Chrome browser, not to be confused with the Chrome OS, is Google’s take on the web browser. Its one of the fastest browsers available on the market, and one of the most light-weight as well. What it lacks in plugins and such (although more and more plugins are available daily), it makes up for in features; from various built-in styles to its useful one-site browsers (for quick launches of web apps), Chrome is certainly the browser to use.

Some numbers.

  • 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code written
  • 29 developer builds
  • 1,177 Mac-specific bugs fixed
  • 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Mac code base, 48 external code contributors
  • 64 Mac Minis doing continuous builds and tests
  • 8,760 cups of soft drinks and coffee consumed
  • 4,380 frosted mini-wheats eaten

Try it out! You won’t regret it.

Download Chrome for Mac!

P.S. Try out chrome’s awesome JavaScript-rendering engine with some JavaScript “experiments”

#MusicMondays – Death of a Piano Salesman

Appologies in advance to friends who’ve sent me music ideas; as much as I’d love to use them, I didn’t have much time to dig through them tonight, but I will use them! That being said, I’ve been getting into some hip/trip hop, and some DJ stuff recently. When my cousin told me to check out “Waldeck,” (Klaus Waldeck, to be precise). I found I really liked him. Interestingly enough, he used to be a copyright lawyer. Who’d’ve guessed. Is that even a word? Anyways…

Here’s the video.


As a note, the video clips were from the fantastic movie, “Let the Right One In.” It’s on netflix. Watch it.

Now that thats out of the way, onto what I think of the song. While a bit repetitive, it is very, very chill, which I’ve come to like in my music. Wikipedia calls his music “electronica,” although you could easily shove it under “ambient.” What’s ambient? If you’re too lazy to look it up, the song you just heard is ambient. Clear enough, isn’t it? Very relaxing, very soft, slow, not too harsh.

That being said, what do you guys think? Good, bad, or ugly? Leave some comments; I’d be happy to hear about your thoughts on my musical taste.

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