Demonoid Offline Update!

This is just an update on the “offline” status of the popular torrent tracker, As everyone knows the site has been down for a while due to power outages destroying some of their crucial hardware. The site, contrary to popular belief, is NOT going to be shut down for good. The staff is working hard to try to bring it back online, and there is no way they would completely pull the plug.

Secondly, do not trust any social networking site that claims to have an “Official Page.” Demonoid has no such page, and while there may be fan groups and the like, there is no official site (apart from that publishes data relating to the status of

Further, know that the tracker is up and running, meaning that torrent files tracked by will once again work, and that all those 3rd party temporary tracker links people had been using before are no longer needed. This is a really good sign, as it shows that the site is still alive and kicking.

Oh, and on a side note, “Iwouldn’” pushed a video that seemed rather pertinent, about file sharing. Its a spoof off of the one pushed by some big media company, and encourages “sharing.” Its a rather interesting cop-off, so take a look.


Fixing “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted”

After updating to WordPress 2.8.6, I received an error telling me that my “Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes was exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes)” when I tried to access my site’s admin page. Thankfully, this only appeared on my site’s backend, but there are a lot of WordPress users who have had similar (if not identical) issues. So, I’ve put together a little how-to walking you through all the things that could be causing the restriction in memory.

What is this error, exactly?

Everything on your website takes up a little bit of memory. The biggest culprit of this are plugins, which often times are the easiest answer to the problem; if you have a lot of active plugins, just deactivate a few! Regardless, plugins aren’t the only thing that can cause memory overflows; things like excessive animations, or inefficient scripts. Your page might even have too many images, but it would take quite a lot of content like this to demonstrate this issue.

Interestingly enough, there is a surprisingly simple way to fix this issue. You just need to enter a line of code in a few places so that your wordpress install knows to allocate more memory. Here’s a solution, in a few simple steps:

1. Open your FTP browser and navigate to the folder/directory that you installed WordPress in. From there,  locate “wp-config.php”. You’ll need to open it in whatever editor you like. Once you’ve done this, enter the following code somewhere close to the top:


Check to see if the error is resolved. If not, go on to step 2.

2. In your FTP browser, navigate to your root folder (it’s usually /public_html/ or /www/) and look for a “PHP.ini” file. You’ll need to find a line like this:

memory_limit = 12M

Change “12M” to “32M” to allow the PHP scripts WordPress runs to access more memory. If this doesn’t work, try changing it to “64M”. If you still have issues, and you have access to your webserver, it might be necessary to restart your webserver. If this doesn’t work, or you don’t have access to your webserver, then you’ll need to go ahead to step 3.

3. We’re going to edit your /install.php file. You can find this file in the root directory of your site, or in whichever directory/folder you installed WordPress in. You’ll need to add the following line to the beginning of the file:


When you are finished, the beginning of the file should look like this:

* WordPress Installer
* @since unknown
* @var bool
define('WP_INSTALLING', true);

If this still doesn’t work, try changing “32M” to “64M”.  If you’re totally at a loss for ideas, I’d recommend contacting your site’s host and asking them if there’s any issues with your server. If you have access to your administrative control panel, you might want to try disabling any extraneous plugins, as well.

Final thoughts

It’s always a good idea to be tidy and prudent. Delete anything you don’t need or that doesn’t need to be archived. Get rid of plugins that you don’t use, and update any old plugins (often times, plugins are optimized between versions, to run smoothest with the latest versions of WordPress). This saves you from issues when you upgrade your site. If this article helped, or if you need some extra assistance, post a comment! I’d appreciate it.

#MusicMonday – Herculean

An experiment gone horribly… right?

This weeks music pick is called “Herculean” from “The Good, The Bad, and The Queen.” I say “from,” not “by,” because the band that recorded the album actually has no name. Good luck scrobbling them on  When I first heard it, I could have sworn it was by the “digital band,” Gorillaz, in which the band has only ever been seen in some form of animation, and only the bass player seems to be good enough to have pupils in his eyes (and because the Gorillaz website is a load of crap, here’s their page). It turns out, the “nameless” band was done as a project (Damon Albarn, who’s the singer, also is the lead singer of Gorillaz), with the overall goal of producing an album depicting every-day life in London. I can almost hear the rain. Only joking; take a listen.


The song, like a lot of the music I’ve been listening to recently, is pretty soft and relaxing, with soft guitar, some piano/synth, and (of course) some strings here and there. I’m not going to rant too much about it, but I have to say it’s a very good listen.

Listen/download the song here.

In C Remixes: A fresh new way to look at almost-fresh music.

You WISH your rehearsals were like this.

You WISH your rehearsals were like this.

Recently, by means of getting totally lost on the internet, I came across a fantastic music project, based off of Terry Riley’s “In C,” which is an interesting, yet contemporary, classical piece of music. The project pulls together a bunch of talented musicians from around the world (including one of my personal favorites, Zoe Keating). What the project does, simply enough, is develop “Remixes” or “Variations” on the piece. Here, check out the teaser video;


I can’t wait for the project to go live (which, according to their site and twitter page, is tomorrow). You can preorder their CD from their site, which I’ll provide a big massive link to at the bottom of this post, and it will be available for digital download tomorrow. If you’re impatient, listen to some of the demo’s they’ve put up in their download section here. Hey, look! A Zoe Keating remix!

Click here to go to the site.

iTunes Store Browser; Hacked!

Thanks to a friend, I’ve managed to dig a little further into the built-in proprietary browser iTunes uses to display its iTunes Store in. The browser is usually only able to display pages from the iTunes Store site, which is supposably self-contained. However, my friend managed to find an ad in the store that opens an page. From there, it is simple enough to navigate out into the world wide web. Check the bottom of the post for screenshots from a wide variety of sites. One quick thing to add; I couldn’t get Flash working at all, and this browser seems to share cookies with Safari.

Getting iTunes to show you the internet.

1. Find an ad for Dr Dre’s White Headphones, about halfway down the page. Click on it.
[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=center]

2. The ad opens up a page on Scroll up to the top of the page, and click the “Downloads” tab.

3. You’ll want to search for some sort of Google software, like Google Earth. There’s a searchbox at the top. Type in “Google Earth”.

4. Select “Google Earth” from the results page. On the Google Earth page, scroll down until you see a link for “Google”.

5. You’ll be on the Google Earth homepage. Scroll down to the bottom, and click “Google Home”.

6. There you go! You’re on Google. Now go surf the web.

[imagebrowser id=6]

My dog does NOT like balloons

After preparing for my brother’s birthday party on the 6th of October (Happy birthday, Jad!), a balloon or two was left out on my living room floor. My dog, a tiny, tiny yorkshire terrier, was horrified of them, and started freaking out, barking at the balloons, crying, etc. It was truly hilarious. Being the crazy sadist that I am, I decided to record him (with a few family members) messing around with this balloon… its truly hilarious. You should check it out. It made me laugh… and thats not entirely easy.


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