Skreemr – MP3 Search to Replace Seeqpod

Seeqpod, best known as the free “playable” music search engine, had become immensely popular in the iPhone/iPod Touch world, namely because it actually worked. Users typed in a song, and got exactly what they asked for. Those with jailbroken iPods and iPhones eventually found a way, using a program called dTunes and a Safari plugin allowing them to download media, to save music from the site directly to their devices. After Seeqpod was shut down, for obvious legal technicalities involving music distribution, hundreds of piraters were displaced, roaming the internet for new ways to download mp3’s. Many people switched to BeeMP3, the shoddy and malnourished excuse for an MP3 search engine, and thats fine. For most people. I decided to dig a little farther, to see if there was anything that could replace the marvelous Seeqpod. What did I find?

Skreemr, in a nutshell, is exactly like every other music search engine, but with  MUCH more content. I’ve noticed songs I can’t find on BeeMP3 or on often times are found quickly in Skreemr. Best yet, you can download the MP3 files you find onto your jailbroken iPod (using dTunes and the safari plugin), just like you could with Seeqpod.

One last thing worth mentioning is that uses something called “Audiorank,” which automatically sorts your results by the best audio qualities. I really, really appreciate this feature, because I hate listening to songs that just sound terrible. I mix music in my spare time, and poor quality really gets to me. So if you want at least decent quality, I strongly recommend trying out

Check out

Google Wave beta invites!

Today, Google is sending out over 100,000 Google Wave beta invites to persistent fans, beta-testers, and pre-registee’s. This means that if you signed up for the beta, and were lucky enough to be chosen, you’ll be receiving a ticket today. If you’ve been invited, post a comment, and tell us what you think about it!

Already, Twitter has just been flooded with comments and tweets about the ‘private launch’, asking for beta invites, and mentioning little bits of how amazing they think it is. Already, fan wallpaper has been popping up, and tutorials and tips have been spring up like weeds all over the internet. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on Google Wave… it seems like it’d be incredibly helpful for someone like me, who is all over the internet all at once. Expect a review as soon as humanly possible.

Here are some wallpapers and screenshots.

[imagebrowser id=4]

Visit for more, or Sign up for the beta!

L4D’s “Crash Course” released!

A few days ago, I mentioned that the Left 4 Dead downloadable campaign, “Crash Course” would be released on the 29th of September. And, lo and behold, its September 29th and the campaign has been released! To sum up the release, here’s a quote from the Left 4 Dead Blog:

Left 4 Dead’s latest DLC delivers an all-new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay experience, expanding the game universe with new locations, new dialogue from the original cast, and an explosive finale.

I can’t wait to play it…. Steam campaigns tend to be fantastic, as I’ve mentioned in the past. To celebrate the release, Steam is offering Left 4 Dead at 50% off, making it a ridiculous fifteen bucks (USD)! Thats like…. 2 days of lunch, easily. And believe me, this game is worth skipping lunch twice for.


Check out the website here!

Valve announces launch of L4D Map in DLC!

“Well, its about time!”

To appease the hoards of Left 4 Dead fans, irritated beyond belief at the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve announced a huge chunk of Downloadable Content (DLC) to be released “early fall”, as they stated early this August. This is the latest ‘big update’ since the launch of the L4D Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing the community to create maps and campaigns (many of which have been pretty good, if I do say so myself). As we all know, Valve is good for two things; releasing quality content, and building up ridiculous amounts of hype without really trying. This being said, they’ve announced the launch date of the DLC as being September 29th, 2009.

Here’s the ‘Campaign Poster’


“The hell is it?”

The campaign, meant to ‘bridge the gap’ between the helicopter escape off the top of Mercy Hospital in “No Mercy” to the beginning of “Death Toll,” where you start out on an abandoned highway riddled with old abandoned cars. With a new campaign comes new Survival maps, a “streamlined versus mode,” (I suppose we’ll find out what Valve means by that later), and some “cool cinematics.” Plus, we’ll get to hear Francis groan about how he hates everything (besides vests).

“Whats it gonna run me?”

What about pricing, you say? Here’s a quote from;

All this for the asking price of … $0? Oh, but that’s on PC only, friend. If you’ve waged war on the reanimated dead via your Xbox 360, you’ll be paying 560 ($7 Earth bucks) for the privilege of adding “Crash Course” to your repertoire

So, pretty much nothing too unexpected… I’m just a little shocked that Valve is charging for the Xbox DLC… they usually release it for free (like they did with the Team Fortress 2 updates). Sorry, Xbox-ers.


Regardless, keep posted, and check back here for more news on L4D and L4D2 as it becomes available. I’m a huge fan of this game, so I’m (naturally) going to spread the word about any major update as soon as I hear about it, so check back often. Or, even better, subscribe! This way, you’ll get news, and I know how many people actuall read this blog. Also, if you play L4D, and want to play with me some time, friend me on Steam. My ID is Pulse12, and I go by “[ARS] Pulse”.

Keep in touch, and happy gaming! down “for days”!

A while ago, I did a quick write-up about some temporary downtime due to some really messed up domain name table issues. For those of you who don’t know, is a torrent tracker, hosting exclusive torrents and providing a fairly nice community. I’ve been a member for quite a while (and yes, I seed until I’ve uploaded at LEAST 1.5 times I’ve downloaded! I swear!) and I really enjoy it.

For all the users wondering why Demonoid is down, they’ve been experiencing some power issues. Before you get all upset, I recommend you read on to find some good temporary alternatives to get your torrenting fix from. Here’s a quote from TorrentFreak about the whole issue;

During the next few days, maybe hours, Demonoid may go down due to some serious-sounding technical issues. They have already caused some damage to the site so the operators want to limit further damage.

“We are experiencing power outages that have caused some ram and hard drive issues. We might have to shut down everything to fix and prevent further damage,” they say in a statement.

Apparently, the power outages they’ve been experiencing have seriously damaged some of their servers, and until they change their power circuits (and probably install some surge protectors), they’re keeping their servers down. I say its a small price to pay, considering the massive downtimes in the past. I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but a while ago (2007-ish) they had to move their servers from the Netherlands to Canada, and the site was down for 6 months. That was depressing

In the mean time, if you want a good substitute, I recommend checking out TorrentFreak’s top 25 replacements. Its well worth it.

#MusicMonday – Kandi

Ok, tweeters and bloggers, this week’s pick is courtesy of Starbucks. Thank you, Starbucks, for handing out free iTunes song vouchers that don’t suck (to put it lightly).

This week’s song is called “Kandi” by One eskimO. The video was done by the great guys down at Warner Premiere, and I think they did a fantastic job animating the video (although I mistook the Eskimo’s eyes for his eyebrows for half of the video…. meh). Regardless, the video is available at Starbucks all today and tomorrow. You can pick up a free voucher to download the music video (which is categorized as a tv show, which I find strange) at their counter. Its usually by the checkout. Regardless, the video is also highly accessible via youtube. Here’s the highest quality video I could dig up. You better enjoy it.


I kinda like the vocals. Its a little repetitive, but there are subtle changes (like the periodic strings, and an organ that pops up from time to time). And heck, it was free. I’ve gotta admit, its not the best thing I’ve ever reviewed, but its not horrible either. And its a rather cute video. Again, thats not enough to get me to listen to it regularly. I’m not apt to staring at my iPod screen while I’m running around, and frankly, without the video, the song becomes rather boring.

If you missed the chance to get a voucher, I have one lying around here somewhere. Just post a comment or contact me and I’ll send it to you.