My dog does NOT like balloons

After preparing for my brother’s birthday party on the 6th of October (Happy birthday, Jad!), a balloon or two was left out on my living room floor. My dog, a tiny, tiny yorkshire terrier, was horrified of them, and started freaking out, barking at the balloons, crying, etc. It was truly hilarious. Being the crazy sadist that I am, I decided to record him (with a few family members) messing around with this balloon… its truly hilarious. You should check it out. It made me laugh… and thats not entirely easy.


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Thru-You: Youtube Remixed

You haven’t seen Youtube like this before.

I found this incredible site recently, and I had to share it with everyone. Its called, and it features the work of Kutiman. What he does is truly incredible; he takes completely disconnected and unrelated youtube videos and throws them together into a song. And they sound fantastic. I mean… I could never do something like this. This guy has some serious talent. Here; take a look:

The Mother of All Funk Chords


Download his songs.

I think its just fantastic. I couldn’t find any .mp3 downloads for any of his songs, so I ran his videos through and got links for everyone.

1. The Mother of All Funk Chords
2. This is What It Became
3. I M New
Babylon Band
6. Wait For Me
7. Just a Lady

I’ll try to throw together a .zip package of his music, with his permission (of course).

Check out all his music… its well worth your while. Believe me.