Netflix now on Jailbroken iPhones/iPod Touches

Holy crap, I’ve done a lot of iPhone posts recently. This one, in short, is about getting Netflix on your iPhone. :D


If you want netflix NOW, and don’t want to wait, there’s a simple (yet tedious) process for getting the iPad app to work on your iPhone, as strange as that seems.

  1. Download the Netflix app for iPad here. No, you don’t need an iPad to download the app. After the app has downloaded fully, right click the app and click “Show in Windows Explorer” or “Show in Finder” (Depending on your OS).
  2. You’ll see the Netflix app in a window. Copy it to your desktop or something so it’s easier to work with. Rename it from “Netflix.ipa”  to “” and then extract the zip file.
  3. Inside the extracted folder, you’ll find a folder called “Payload.” Inside THAT folder, you will find another folder called “” SSH into your iPod and copy the “” folder to your device’s /Applications/ folder.
  4. Now, you have to set the permissions of the folder to 755. This can be different depending on your client. Some will let you right click the folder, click “properties,” and set the permissions to 755. If you have access to a command terminal, try “chmod 755” or, if that fails, “chmod 755 -r”
  5. Reboot your iPhone. All the way.
  6. Now, you’ll need to find a 3rd party browser that will allow you to spoof the iPad’s browser (i.e. it will make websites think that you’re browsing from an iPad). There are two cheap ones; Atomic Web is just $0.99, and Perfect Browser is $1.99. They are both very good and well worth the small price tag. In either browser, you’ll need to go to Settings and select “Safari iPad” under “Identify Browser” (in Atomic Web) or “Desktop Rendering” (in Perfect Browser).
  7. Browse to, login, find a movie to watch instantly, and launch it. The Netflix app will take care of the rest.
  8. Enjoy your movie.

FaceTime over 3G Tutorial

For those of you who have jailbroken their iPhone 4’s with the fatastic jailbreak, it is very, very easy to use FaceTime over the 3G network. That’s right; you can now make video calls to any iPhone from anywhere with 3G reception (mustn’t… bash… AT&T… coverage…).


It’s really easy. Just follow these few short steps.

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone 4. It takes like 5 minutes and you don’t need a computer.
  2. Open Cydia and install all updates. This fixes an issue with FaceTime and MMS that the jailbreak caused.
  3. In Cydia, click on the “Manage” tab, tap “Sources,” tap “Edit,” and add the source “”
  4. Refresh your sources, and then look for the “My3G” app. Install it.
  5. Go through the Rock setup process, including making a username and password for yourself. Run the app, and leave all your settings at default.
  6. Now, disconnect from any wifi networks (i.e. forget any networks nearby or turn off wifi) or go somewhere without wifi reception, and then make a FaceTime call. That’s it!

iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreaks without computer, tutorial

With jailbreaking officially legal by every stipulation, there’s never been a better time to give it a shot. “But what if it’s too hard?” you may ask. Well, have no fear. There’s a new jailbreak that you can do, from your iPhone. I haven’t seen a jailbreak this easy since iOS 1.1.1, which was when my iPod Touch was new. It’s THAT old. I’m not even entirely sure how it works. But hey! It works!


If you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with 4.0 firmware on it, and get things like themes, jailbroken apps, powerful features, or other awesome jailbroken innovations, simply browse to


on your device, and drag the nifty little “slide to jailbreak” slider. AND THAT’S IT. How crazy simple is that? I mean, I love comex for this.

Be warned, though, that the servers are under a huge load, because everyone and their cousin wants to jailbreak their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. So, if one of those links seems to be “down,” it’s probably just the server screaming in pain under the weight of everyone’s iDevices. So, be patient, retry a few times if you need.

And, if all else fails, check here for my tried-and-tested jailbroken recovery method.


Apparently, FaceTime is buggy/nonworking after jailbreaking with this method, for most people. So, if you’re on your iPhone, and use FaceTime a lot (yes, a lot is two words), I’d stay away from this jailbreak for right now, just to be safe.

Update 2 – Fix:

Alright, there’s a super simple FaceTime fix. Backup your iPhone, use, and then restore your iPhone to that backup. This apparently fixes it. Don’t restore your iPhone to the firmware (i.e. restore to factory settings), because that defeats the purpose.

Get all the 4.0 features on older devices with Redsn0w!

Alright, some definite stuff has, in fact, been released! We have a jailbreak WITH 4.0 features for both the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and the iPod Touch 2G.



First of all, there is a fantastic jailbreak released by those lovely blokes over at the iPhone Dev-Team. It’s really easy. But it ONLY works on iPhone 3G/3GS and the 2G iPod Touch (not 3G). For now.

  1. Download the 4.0 firmware for your device from (scroll down to the iOS 4.0 bit)
  2. Download Redsn0w for Mac (x86) or PC.
  3. Select any options you’d like. This is where you can enable wallpapers, multitasking, set custom boot logos, etc. EVEN if you don’t have a 3GS. Isn’t that dandy?
  4. Plug in your iDevice, and THEN shut it off.
  5. Hit “next” in Redsn0w, and watch the fireworks.


If you’re a bit more adventurous and don’t like making things easy, you can enable all the 4.0 features the manual way. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really know what you’re doing.

  1. Jailbreak your device.
  2. In Cydia, search for “OpenSSH” and install it.
  3. Get an FTP client (I like WinSCP for PC)
  4. On your device, go to settings, make sure you’re connected to a network, and click the (>) button next to the network’s name to open network details.
  5. Find your device’s IP address. (It will be something like or something along those lines).
  6. In your FTP client, enter that IP as the server address, enter “root” as the username, and enter “alpine” as the password.
  7. Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and copy the file over to your computer.
  8. Using TextEdit on Mac or Notepad in PC, open the N82AP.plist file
  9. Change the file so that the following line appears in the file (if it already exists, replace it):
  10. <key>homescreen-wallpaper</key>
  11. Find “Multitasking” and make sure it is set to “TRUE” as well.
  12. Copy the file back to your iDevice.

That’s it! I don’t even know why you’d do the second set of instructions, but I guess if you’re bored, and it’s raining (It’s ALWAYS raining in my city) then you can spend time screwing up your iPhone.

If someone sends me a fixed version of N82AP.plist, I’ll host it somewhere so everyone else can download it.

Get Redsnow.

Get the iPhone 4.0 Firmware.

Hacking Facebook: Get fans, hits, and revenge.

Thanks to a combination of a shitty platform and horrible foresight, there is a ridiculously easy way to get massive amounts of people to visit websites outside facebook.

Oh really?

No, I just like to say things like that. Yes, really. Alright, you sit down at your computer, open your browser, and start up facebook. Facebook, in turn, hurls all its updates into your lap. One, towards the top, looks like this:

Yes, you ALL have liked something like this before.

Yes, you ALL have liked something like this before.

You think, “Durr, mee two.” and, ignoring a rule about commas instead of periods within quotation marks, you click “like” without even looking at the page. SO, later on, someone else sees that you’ve liked this “page” and clicks like. It’s a ripple effect. We’ve all seen it. Thats why, in the early days of Facebook, groups like “THE SN0WBALL EFFECT! INVITE ALL UR FRIENDS!” got so popular. So, this keeps on going and going and going until this group has amassed something of a following.

And then…

Why do you people like things like this?

Why do you people like things like this?

Later, you go back and click on the link to that page. You aren’t taken to a facebook page, but instead to some obscure spam page, or a 404 error page, or some extremely shady site about Paypal and Nigerian bank accounts. “Well, damn.” you think. “Not only can I not use punctuation at the end of quotes correctly, but I also seem to have joined a fake Facebook group. How in tarnation did that happen?” Best yet, because the page doesn’t have a real PAGE, you can’t exactly “unlike” it. To unlike pages, I usually just go to them, scroll down a whole bunch, and hit “unlike.” That usually does it for me.

In order to make a page that is “like-able” on facebook, you simply need to add this neat little snippet to your webpage:

<iframe src="
action=like&colorscheme=light" scrolling="no"
frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden;
width:450px; height:80px;"
This will add a nice little “like this” field to your page, and include the number of people who like said page. Here, I made a page for you to look at. It redirects to my blog’s homepage in 15 seconds in case you forgot how to get back to it.

How to make people click.

If you clicked “like,” that’s very kind of you. You may have noticed that it says that you have become a fan of the page “HOW TO GET TONS OF FANS ON FACEBOOK” or something like that. This is so that people like you will click the link and give people like me internet reputation, albeit in a less-than-honest way. To get it to look like your facebook group is something retardedly popular, just add these two META tags to your page between your page’s HEAD tags, like this:

<meta property="og:title" content="HOW TO GET TONS OF FANS ON FACEBOOK!"/>
<meta property="og:site_name" content="HOW TO GET TONS OF FANS ON FACEBOOK!"/>

What do I get to do now?

Here’s the fun part. Well, for me at least. Not so much for my fans. Apart from the fact that I can drive traffic from facebook to my website, I can also edit ANYTHING on my fake fan page, like those meta tags above. Because I can change these meta tags, I can also change the title of this group/page thing. That means, I can make a title of a really, really popular group like “JUSTIN BIEBER LIKES MEN,” or “I HATE THESE LONG FACEBOOK GROUPS,” or even “THIS WILL TOTALLY MAKE YOU SUFFOCATE TO DEATH NO LIE DON’T JOIN,” and then, when people least expect it, change it to something obscenely racist, stereotypical, or opinionated, like “GINGERS HAVE NO SOULS,” “THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES ARE FRICKIN’ SWEET, DESPITE THEIR BILLION YEAR LOSING STREAK” or “MACS CAN GO SUCK EGGS.” In this way, it’s almost like I’m commanding the opinions of thousands without really even trying. Hey, maybe I should sell ad-space once I get a group large enough, right?

Total credit goes to for getting me interested in this exploit, and for explaining how it works. Check out his fake page here.


This is probably more obvious than anything else, as it’s whole idea is to be obvious (huh?). Another simple exploit has been circulating around, and it doesn’t take a moron to figure it out. If you want to draw tons of attention to yourself, be obnoxious, and get a lot of other obnoxious fans, you can make the title of your facebook page something REALLY REALLY LONG. A popular one is “PI = [24000 digits of pi]. I mean, I’d hope facebook would be prudent enough to patch this (something like changing “REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG” to “REALLY REALLY… [more]” would do nicely) sooner rather than later. Then again, facebook is rather pre-occupied with making all of its users vomit all of their photos out into the public by accident, so I’m skeptical. ” Some guy named PyroHawk seems to be pioneering this new and improved version of obnoxious-ness, with ten – count em, TEN – spam facebook pages. View them all here.

Jailbreak 3.1.3! (PC only)

Today, I actually got bored and decided to really pull apart this new 3.1.3 firmware jailbreak. The new firmware boasts more accurate battery readings and remove crashes during app launches and when using the Japanese Kana keyboard. Now, does it jailbreak? Allllmost. There are a few exceptions (check under supported models), but most devices jailbreak just fine. I’ve tried using the redsn0w jailbreak for 3.1.3, and ended up with a tethered jailbreak that wouldn’t load Cydia correctly. I really recommend using Sn0wbreeze for this jailbreak. Sn0wbreeze was designed by “ih8sn0w,” an iPhone/iPod Touch dev.

Supported models

  • iPod Touch 1G
  • iPod Touch 2G
  • iPhone 2G
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS (With old bootrom)

NOTE: The iPod Touch 3G (AKA the iPod Touch 2G MC) is not supported. Don’t try it. Additionally, it is recommended that iPhone 3G and 3GS users with new bootroms (iBoot v. 359.3.2, or any iPhone 3G/3GS released during or after October 2009) don’t attempt this. Wait until an “official” jailbreak for the new bootrom is out.

Things you need to download.

Tutorial, plain and easy.

  1. Make sure iTunes is up to date (Version at the date of this post)
  2. Update your iPod/iPhone to version 3.1.3 if you haven’t already.
  3. Back up your iPod/iPhone by syncing it with iTunes.
  4. Download the 3.1.3 firmware from under the “iPhone/iPod Touch” section. Make SURE to select the right model.
  5. Plug in your device. Close iTunes if it opens.
  6. Run Sn0wbreeze.exe
  7. Select “Expert Mode.” I’ll walk you through some of the advanced features. Hit “Next”
  8. Browse to your downloaded firmware and hit OK. Sn0wbreeze will analyze it and display an image of what kind of device the firmware is for. Make SURE you have the right firmware or you’ll have to start over.
  9. Select “General” and hit the next arrow.
  10. If you use iBoot, or like to change your boot images (for whatever reason), check “Make IPSW NOR-Only”. Otherwise, select whether or not you want the Sn0wbreeze app (I recommend it). Leave your root partition size at 750 MB’s. You shouldn’t need much more unless you have a specific reason for it. Then, click Next.
  11. If you want to activate your phone (i.e. use it with a different carrier than AT&T) you can do this on the next screen. When you’re done, select next.
  12. On the next screen, you can select what installers you want. Cydia will be installed by default, and you have the option to install “Rock”, a “full-service” iPhone App Store. Its worth giving a shot; I installed it. Hit next.
  13. On the next page, you can pre-install any apps you want. Click the “Manage Sources” tab to add sources. Click the “Download Packages” tab to browse through sources and download any packages you’d like, and then select any downloaded packages you want to install on the “Select Packages” tab. When you’re done, click Next.
  14. On the next screen, you can select custom boot images. If you have your own boot or recovery images, click “Browse” and select your boot images. They can be at most 100 kb’s, and should be 320×480 pixels (but they can be smaller if you’d like). When you’re done, select Next.
  15. When you’ve done all that, you’ll be taken back to the original screen. Select “Build IPSW” and click Next.
  16. Sn0wbreeze saves the custom .ipsw to your desktop and titles it “sn0wbreeze_[your device].ipsw.” You’ll now need to restore your device to this firmware. Again, make sure iTunes is closed. Turn off your iPod or iPhone.
  17. Sn0wbreeze will now walk you through the DFU mode. If it doesn’t, click “Help” at the top left hand corner of the screen and select “DFU Mode.”
  18. Follow the instructions on-screen to put your device in DFU mode. iTunes should open and say that a device in “recovery mode” is connected. Your device’s screen should be black. If it displays the “Connect to iTunes” image, you’ve done it wrong and need to start over from step 15.
  19. In iTunes, click your device on the left-hand side. Hold down shift and click “Restore.” It will prompt you to select your firmware. Browse to the sn0wbreeze .ipsw file on your desktop. Select OK, and your device will be “restored” to the jailbroken firmware.

Get an error when you restore?

A lot of people, including myself, got an error (1600, 1601, 1602, 1604) when you tried to restore. If you sure your device was in DFU mode, and you’re still receiving these errors, you’ll need to use iREB to “block” these errors and let iTunes think its restoring everything as planned.

I love how simple it looks.

This is what iREB looks like.

  1. Put your device in DFU mode. iTunes will open; make sure it thinks your device is in recovery mode. Your device’s screen should be black.
  2. Close iTunes and start iREB. You won’t need to open iTunes again until this process finishes.
  3. In iREB, select your device. iREB will crash, and your device’s screen will turn solid white or red. This is normal. Its fine. Let it go. Once your device’s screen is white or red, go to the next step.
  4. Open iTunes. Your device should still appear as in recovery mode in iTunes, and your device’s screen should be red/white. Select your device from the left-hand side, hold shift, and click restore. Browse to the sn0wbreeze custom .ipsw, select ok, and you should be good to go.

Further questions?

Post them below. I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as I can. If you can’t wait, check out my article on how to fix jailbroken devices. It’s helped a lot of people, and its the first thing I turn to when my iPod is messed up.