I know I’m not the only one when I say that I lean very heavily on jQuery for front-end development. It provides a great deal of simplicity and ease to the somewhat awkward system for DOM manipulation that’s in place.

Leaning, however, has bad implications. Lean too hard on something, and you’ll find yourself falling on your face when that something breaks. Plus, it’s good to be independent and self-sufficient and whatever. So, in an attempt to simultaneously build character, waste time, and beef up my github account, I’m going to try and do without jQuery. At least while I’m not doing anything mission critical.

For the sake of simplicity and usability, I’m going to be one file full of segmented, self-reliant functions. Or maybe a bunch of small, awkward files each containing their own function. I’ll also probably release a separate, more compact version of the code to eliminate any redundancies. If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’ll make a builder for it, which could be really really cool.

At any rate, the repository is here. I’m tentatively calling the whole thing parts.js. Feel free to submit any pull requests. I could use some experience.