Flash for iPhone… sort of!

Flash, ON an iPhone. How great is that?

The BIGGEST thing I’ve heard from everyone is the need for flash for the iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad, for that matter). Adobe has argued that their mobile flash package is lightweight enough, but Apple keeps yelling about how incomplete it is. It’s a very frustrating dilemma, and Flash keeps getting farther and farther away.

But wait! A somewhat-shoddy fix has been implemented! An app, recently (May 6th) added to the appstore, promises flash- and java-enabled browsing on any i-Device! Yay! The screenshots look great, and the reviews are fairly good.

How does it work?

It doesn’t exactly install any sort of distribution of Flash on your iPod, sadly. Rather, it connects you to a private server cluster, each running a distribution of Firefox  running on lightweight linux servers. The servers act something like virtual hosts, and the app like a VNC client. All the app does is allow you to remote view/control the firefox browser. Apparently, the speed isn’t bad; one comment says that it’s even possible to play Runescape on the app. It’s a server-powered browser on your iPod; it’s going to be FASTER. Some comments on the app noted that the pages load faster than in mobile safari. Nice, right? Plus, the app is FREE (as of right now).

So, what’s the bad stuff?

Because every browser is run on a server, the loads can get heavy at times. The app will drop your connection if the server you’re connected to becomes too crowded. The app is bound to become at least moderately popular, so the speeds will start to decrease, unless the company buys more servers/server space. There was something about the app replacing “@” with “2,” but restarting the app and/or your iPhone/iPod Touch should fix that.

Additionally, the fact that you’re browsing on a remote server means that what you are browsing can be viewed by whomever administers those servers. While it might be being too overprotective, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything involving sensitive passwords or data. For example, don’t EVER do your banking on this app. It’s not worth the risk.


Regardless, there aren’t many flash-intensive sites that deal with private information, so I still recommend this app. Until some sort of flash port comes out, this is a very good alternative. Plus, the speed and power of the app is great; you’re browsing on an actual computer, from your iPod!

Apple locks out iPhone hackers?

Get this; iH8Snow and Sherif Hashim, two infamous (and highly talented) iPhone Hackers/Jailbreakers have recently been “banned” from the AppStore. Here, take a look.


This is what happens when they try to open the AppStore.


Sorry. But in all seriousness, what the heck, Apple. I’ll give Apple the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps this is all accidental (which is what Gizmodo seems to think right now). There is that chance that they both found an exploit that ended up causing their iPhones to behave maliciously, but its almost a little too incidental. While Gizmodo seems to think that this message (similar to those in OS X applications) might be incidental, I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do something about their frustration with jailbreakers. I mean, come on. The company hires actors to browse their merchandise in Apple stores in places like NYC.  I mean, honestly, this is too incidental. According to the hackers’ twitter pages, their emails were easy to pair up with their names (Sherif’s is just his name @ yahoo, and ih8snow’s email is just ih8sn0wday at googlemail).

Regardless, this is all a bit scary. Apple, if you’re behind this, go away. I’m pretty sure these guys paid for their phones and their plans. Let ’em do what they want. As for ih8sn0w and Sherif Hashim, I hope they figure this out, and that they keep up the good work. I’m still proudly running jailbroken 3.1.3 firmware.

Apple Announces iPad Mini

Apple's done it again!

Apple has done it again!

For those of you who think the new iPad is too large and ungainly for every-day use, Apple has announced the new iPad Mini. The mini, which is currently available for purchase, promises to be a lightweight counterpart to its iPad sibling. Apple clearly didn’t want to disappoint people, and they certainly haven’t.

What does it do?

The iPad Mini features up to 32 gigs of storage, much like its big brother, and comes with a 3G antenna included. Thats right, you don’t need to pay the extra $150 to access internet anywhere AT&T will let you.  Speaking of prices, the iPad Mini starts at only $199. Apple claims it is “twice as fast” as the iPad, for “half the price” (See above image).   The device sports a multitouch screen, and now comes with something even the iPad doesn’t have: 3 megapixel a camera. The keyboard works much like that of the iPad, except smaller, allowing you to type with one hand, much like you would on a cellphone. Apple also added a compass to the device, making it better-suited for map programs, as well as augmented reality. Like the iPad, it  can run virtually every program in the appstore. The device’s battery supports up to 5 hours of 3G usage and up to 10 hours of continuous video, if you’re into carrying and watching film festivals with you. Overall, the device promises to be a great option for people who just think the iPad is a little too big, or is just out of their price range. Head over to your nearest Apple store to check it out.

And before someone comments otherwise, this is meant to be sarcastic.
Thanks to @hdberk for the idea.

In other news, someone besides Apple owns ipad.com, which means someone besides Apple is about to get a TON of money.

Free iPod/iPhone help!

I know a lot (and I mean a lot) of people have gotten iPods or iPhones for Christmas, and, given by the amount of people visiting my previous fixing iPod article yesterday, I’m assuming that there are a bunch of people that either need help setting their iPods up, have encountered some sort of error, or want to know how to do something with their iPods or iPhones. If anyone needs help jailbreaking their device, getting it set up, or anything like that, I provide free, non-professional help. As a disclaimer, I’m not responsible to anything that may happen to your device, although, seeing my track record, I can probably help you. Either post a comment or contact me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Interesting Use of Hardware…


Many of the new macbooks come equiped with built-in sensors that detect if your laptop suddenly starts moving, determining things like if it had been dropped off a table, bumped off a shelf, or defenestrated. This is a video of one of my friends from Youtube named “SeanthaBomb,” and I really liked it.

I know a lot of laptop companies use sudden motion sensors, including IBM and Acer. I wonder if any practical (iphone-like) applications will spring from software like this. I mean, come on. Super Monkey Ball on my laptop?

‘Nuff said.