heh, thats twistori.

i wish I could be a roommate, Id save on bills.

Today, I found a fascinating website: it simply pulls Twitters from all over the world, and categorizes them under “love,” hate,” “think,” “believe,” “feel,” ¬†and “wish.” Its called twistori. I find it a great way to see whats buzzing on the internet. Its kinda neat. Check it out. Seriously, go do it.

One thing I’d caution you to however is that these are twitters from everywhere, so expect to see one or two risque things from time to time. Apparently, if you’re on a mac, you can download a screensaver from their website (just click the link at the bottom).

its not just old; its twistoriCheck it out, and tell me what you think. I like its asthetics, its concepts, and its general simplicity. I’ll have to start using these words more when I tweet.