Apple locks out iPhone hackers?

Get this; iH8Snow and Sherif Hashim, two infamous (and highly talented) iPhone Hackers/Jailbreakers have recently been “banned” from the AppStore. Here, take a look.


This is what happens when they try to open the AppStore.


Sorry. But in all seriousness, what the heck, Apple. I’ll give Apple the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps this is all accidental (which is what Gizmodo seems to think right now). There is that chance that they both found an exploit that ended up causing their iPhones to behave maliciously, but its almost a little too incidental. While Gizmodo seems to think that this message (similar to those in OS X applications) might be incidental, I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do something about their frustration with jailbreakers. I mean, come on. The company hires actors to browse their merchandise in Apple stores in places like NYC.  I mean, honestly, this is too incidental. According to the hackers’ twitter pages, their emails were easy to pair up with their names (Sherif’s is just his name @ yahoo, and ih8snow’s email is just ih8sn0wday at googlemail).

Regardless, this is all a bit scary. Apple, if you’re behind this, go away. I’m pretty sure these guys paid for their phones and their plans. Let ’em do what they want. As for ih8sn0w and Sherif Hashim, I hope they figure this out, and that they keep up the good work. I’m still proudly running jailbroken 3.1.3 firmware.