Free Rapidshare Pro Accounts!


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This stuff is old and no longer works:

Yeah, I’ve found a website that gives away Rapidshare Premium accounts through its ad revenue. In addition to rapidshares, ¬†premium¬†accounts for Filefactory, Hostgator, Filefront, Megashare, Sendspace, Fileplanet, Megaupload, and Gamespot are also regularly given away. And best yet, its not one of those shady, under-the-counter faked accounts either. These accounts are perfectly legal. Check it out here:

First of all, this isn’t a scam. Its perfectly legitimate, and requires no credit cards, money, or other annoyances. All it asks you for are a username, password, and email (and I have yet to receive spam emails from them). You just have to click a link, which generates a random number. If your number is in their range of numbers, you win an account. They pay for the accounts via advertisements, and as long as they have a cash flow, they can buy more accounts. So, what do you have to lose?

Oh, and if you aren’t satisfied, how about this; every time I win an account, I’ll put it on the site and raffle it off. Sound good? It is. I promise. Try it out.