Free Mac DVD ripper giveaway!

This isn’t the giveaway I promised, but it seems more important. For the rest of this month, WinX is giving the Mac version of their Platinum DVD Ripper for FREE. That’s right, you don’t have to pay a CENT to get all those crunchy episodes of LOST you ordered on dvd right onto your iPod! The ripper is insanely fast, insanely easy to use, and insanely  adaptable, as you will find in my review of the software (the PC version, at least). Even Cnet likes it. You can’t go wrong with this software. And did I mention it’s free until July?

All you have to do to get it for FREE is:
  1. Download the installer here and run it.
  2. Register with this license key: WINXMC-2010-3721-GIVEAWAY
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

You can visit the site for instructions, features, and more here.

Visit the WinX Homepage

Visit the giveaway page

Filevo: Ungodly File hosting.

You know all those file hosts out there? You know, like Rapidshare, Sendspace, and Megaupload? I think I’ve FINALLY found the best free one. No, seriously, come back. I’m not even kidding.

Are you sitting down? Go get a chair then. I’ll wait.


You back?

Good, good. Now sit. Seriously. Alright. If you’re unregistered, you get 100 MB of space per file, 1.5 Mbit/s download speeds, 1000 MB download cap per day, and 25 seconds of wait time. Meh, you say? If you register for a FREE account, you get 1 GB of storage space, 4 Mbit/s download speeds, no captcha verification, the option to upload from remote URL’s, and no download limitations. You get 10 gigs of online storage space on top of that, for free. Seriously, how great is that?

But I have all this money! Where can I spend it!?

They offer a premium service, which you can detail here, but really? It’s almost as if they’re giving away money. Well, in the form of free web space. Spend your money on buying $1 things from eBay over and over. It’s really fun and slightly suspicious-looking. That’s pretty durn cool. As a registered user, you can keep track of your uploaded files, which is nice. They also have a useful tool that allows you to check a bunch of links on their site to see if they exist. It really is my new favorite online file storage service.

Check them out. Right the hell now.


Immunet: A new kind of security.

A new approach to security.

Recently, I came across a program called “Immunet Protect” while browsing around Twitter. Typically, I don’t like to experiment with different software when I don’t have to, particularly those of the computer security genre, but Immunet is different; it’s one of the few cloud-based antivirus programs out there. On top of that, its free. I’ll get into more of that in a second. In addition, it doesn’t waste time scanning inactive files on your computer. Instead, it monitors (actively or passively) your system processes as they start and stop, or as they run, depending on your preference.

Lightweight, yet sturdy.


As I mentioned before, Immunet Protect works through a sort of cloud. When a user using Immunet is attacked by a virus of any sort, the event is logged and sent back to Immunet’s servers. From there, the servers push updated definitions to client computers. This allows every computer to stay up to date with the latest threats immediately, as well as allow Immunet to take care of any specific issues, like false positives (incorrectly identified legitimate files). The program is also rather lightweight; While running one of its scans, the program took up only an additional 2% of my processing power, and 15 megabytes of system memory. Thats what I call lightweight.

File and Process Handling.

Immunet is radically different from what I’ve seen in most other antivirus programs. For one, scanning takes all of 40 seconds to a minute and a half, depending on how many processes you have running. For me, running Windows 7, with a mediocre-at-best laptop processor, I finished a complete “Flash Scan,” encompassing around 4,000 files, in a minute and 2 seconds flat. Immunet Protect doesn’t go through and pick out every single file in your system, scan it, and verify it. Instead, it scans critical files, like active registry keys, startup files,  and files being used by processes. It also monitors installations and new files, so that you remain safe. According to Oliver Friedrichs, the company’s founder and CEO:

We scan any new file that is copied to your file system while protection mode is active.  A FlashScan will scan all running processes as well as the file that are pointed to by common registry keys.  At the moment you cannot scan specific files, but we will be adding a shell extension to allow you to do this in the future.

The one thing I missed in the program, a feature to scan specific files, is already underway. Fantastic.

Asthetics and Interface


One thing that impressed me about Immunet was its simplicity. The program has 4 tabs; Summary, History, Scan, and Settings, all wrapped in a neat chrome-blue window.

The summary tab displays how many Immunet users are online, and a brief overview of the program’s history (clean and infected files).

The history tab allows you to quickly view recent events, with search functionality (something I greatly appreciate).

The scan tab allows you to perform a FlashScan. You can also set whether or not you want to scan running and flashpoint processes.

Finally, the settings tab lets you set… well, the settings. You can chose whether or not to monitor program installations and startups, show notifications, and allow “Active Protection” to run.


Immunet really surprised me. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic when I saw yet another free antivirus program. But the speed and efficiency it yields is quite surprising. If you’re wary of installing a new antivirus program, you can leave your old one on in addition. Although its not recommended to run multiple security programs on the same computer, Immunet works fine in conjunction with Norton Antivirus and McAfee, from my experiences with it. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants quality security for free.

You can download Immunet Protect for free from their website.

Free Rapidshare Pro Accounts!


CLICK HERE for free rapids.

This stuff is old and no longer works:

Yeah, I’ve found a website that gives away Rapidshare Premium accounts through its ad revenue. In addition to rapidshares,  premium accounts for Filefactory, Hostgator, Filefront, Megashare, Sendspace, Fileplanet, Megaupload, and Gamespot are also regularly given away. And best yet, its not one of those shady, under-the-counter faked accounts either. These accounts are perfectly legal. Check it out here:

First of all, this isn’t a scam. Its perfectly legitimate, and requires no credit cards, money, or other annoyances. All it asks you for are a username, password, and email (and I have yet to receive spam emails from them). You just have to click a link, which generates a random number. If your number is in their range of numbers, you win an account. They pay for the accounts via advertisements, and as long as they have a cash flow, they can buy more accounts. So, what do you have to lose?

Oh, and if you aren’t satisfied, how about this; every time I win an account, I’ll put it on the site and raffle it off. Sound good? It is. I promise. Try it out.