Royksopp’s album “Senior” leaked

Alright. Norwegian electric band Royksopp has been posting juicy little blurbs about their new album, Senior, for months now. They’ve pushed back the release date once or twice, and have finally announced that the album, originally due for earlier this summer, would be released September 13th. The album is meant to accompany their prior album, Junior; while Junior contained lighter and more energetic tracks, Senior is said to contain some of the slower, darker, more lethargic tracks.

But the album has been leaked.

That’s right. The whole album has been floating around almost every major torrent site and on a few filehosting sites. And, may I say, it’s fantastic. It’s really, really good.

You can download Senior from here. But please, buy the vinyl or something. The album is totally worth it.

Download Senior now.

Spotify to come with Google’s Nexus?

Do you like my shoddy photoshop work?

Rumor has it that Spotify, the free-for-all music service, might be releasing service to the USA on the 5th of this month, the same day as Google’s Android Phone, the Nexus One, is said to be released. Damn.

What is this nonsense?

First, some backstory. Spotify, the service for streaming and downloading music for free, has, for a long time, been just out of reach, thanks to a network of red tape and copyright laws here in the US. The service, to be supported by ads or with a 10 euro plan, has been around for about a year or so. Click here to learn a bit more about it and see a cool video about how it works.

Now then, Google’s Nexus One is the first phone released by Google. This isn’t T-Mobile’s G1, which ran Google’s Android software. This is a phone completely designed by Google, with the hardware provided for by HTC. It promises to be very fast, run a yet-to-be-seen version of Android (2.1), and will have an option to buy it unlocked (i.e. without a plan or provider) for a little more cash.

Rumor has it…

Back to the rumormill, its been said that Spotify will be released not just on the same day as the Nexus One, but with it, as a mobile app. This means that every Nexus One user will have access to Spotify before a good bit of Americans. It has even been said that Google might subsidize the Spotify App, waiving the fee for the no-ads subscription. However, there is no guarantee that Spotify will be on the new Android 2.1 firmware, and we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

Check out more on the Nexus One


Retweeting on Twitter; Now Easier than Ever

Recently, I received a message on my Twitter page saying I was enrolled in a beta to test Twitter’s new Re-Tweeting feature. Huh, you say?

Wait, what is this again?

I believe the Twitter developers were so fed up with page after page of different people tweeting the same person’s tweet that they just added a new feature to make it a lot easier. Now, when you want to retweet someone’s post, you can just click the “Retweet” button (next to the reply button). ¬†All of your followers see the tweet, as-is, with a little tag at the bottom saying “Retweeted by [you]”. Check out the picture below, to see what I mean.


There’s also a few other things; ReTweets do appear on your profile, sans the user’s profile image. Additionally, if someone retweets a lot of content, and you find it annoying, you can turn off retweet notifications by going to their profile page and clicking the green “Retweet” icon below their name.

Um… So?

It becomes really helpful when you just get tired of copying and pasting, and keeps Twitter neat and tidy, which is probably a huge issue, seeing as Twitter sees ridiculous amounts of data every day. Additionally, it helps promote little tweets without making them massive trending topics, etc.

While the pros are nice, there are a few cons, too. Firs of all, this makes twitter a bit more like digg; retweeting has now become akin to “digging” a popular topic. Granted, Twitter, of all sites, is the last to be accused of copying other site’s ideas (don’t even get me started on Facebook), so its not such a huge deal. One thing that did get to me after a while was the fact that you can’t add your own little comments to retweets anymore. I’d usually add a jab or a thought to the end of retweets, so people knew that when I retweet “Go Hitler!” they know I mean “what was this person thinking?” and not “lulz good one bro.”

When will I see it?

As of right now, only a chunk of Twitter users get to see it, for testing purposes. If you are in the beta, and you retweet something, people outside the beta will see it as a standard retweet. I still wonder what happens if you retweet something over 160 characters; does it truncate the message for non-twitter users? Eh… not a huge deal.

RT-infoHere’s Twitter’s instructional message, with arrows and everything! (click to zoom)

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