Charlie Slum’s Mixtape, “Headband” out soon!

Coming out May 15thThe anticipation is killing me.

Charlie Slum – Outro
Charlie Slum – So Easily Forgotten
[audio:|titles=So Easily Forgotten]

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been doing a lot of music promotion recently. You’ll live, I’m sure. That being said, I’ve been getting interested in a few young, local artists as of late, and wanted to help them get word of their music out. The latest and greatest is Cameron Bell, also known as “Charlie Slum.” He’s really a brilliant self-produced rapper from Pittsburgh. His mixtape, “The Headband” is coming out in 2 days (the 15th), so I’m really excited for that. He mixes mainstream beats with some truly unique lyrics to create some fantastic music. Plus, he’s passionate about what he does. His music is personal, which really adds to the whole experience. Seriously, give his stuff a listen.

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