Microsoft launches Office 2010 to consumers!

Ok, folks. Lets face it. Microsoft hasn’t been doing especially well recently. Steve Balmer admits that Microsoft has “missed a whole cycle” with regards to Smartphones, and while Sony and Nintendo unveiled 3D capabilities for the PS3 and the Nintendo DS respectively at the E3 convention, Microsoft has announced an Xbox 360 with *gasp* a bigger hard drive and Wifi! How innovative.

However, they have managed to do something well repetitively, namely their productivity software. That’s right, folks, Microsoft Office 2010 is now public, final, and official.

What you’re missing out on.

Office is VERY nice looking this time around. They like that whole ribbon-thing they’ve been doing; they group commands that you’d typically see in your “File,” “Edit,” “View,” etc. menus and stick them in a tabbed set of buttons, making things nice and big and easy to access.

Additionally, a lot of their programs have free, watered-down, online versions that you can use. For FREE. Try them out here. They’re not bad, and they’re better than Google Docs when it comes to formatting (although Google Docs beats it on most other fronts).

Try it (Free trial)

Buy it ($150-$500)