theme, luv, and prizes

I just changed my blog’s theme to a very new, very different theme, and I’m still trying to decide if I like it. The theme came from I have no idea what that stands for, but I do know that Jez, the German guy who owns the website, has a huge amount of artistic talent. Just browse around his website, and take a look at it. 

Another thing: I added CommentLuv, which means that if YOU (yes, you) own a blog, and you comment on my website, your latest blog posts will be posted along with your comments. I’d definitely comment if I were you.

Regardless, hit me up with some comments on your oppinions on the theme. I’ll dig up some sort of prize for 2 randomly picked commenters.

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Ever go to a website with those annoying-as-[insert profanity here] ad links that open up little popups when you put your mouse over them? That was my initial impression with ““; everything looked like it was full of little ads. Then I started to really  use it, which did little to impress me much. 

Think of mashlogic as a translator, bouncer, and rocket scientist wrapped up into a firefox plugin (sorry, firefox only still). It makes webpages more friendly by translating currencies and measurements automatically for you, filtering out ads, and linking words or phrases with relavent articles from sites like Wikipedia and TechCrunch. If it ever gets annoying, there’s a nice and easy-to-find button placed next to your address bar at the top of the page where you can switch it off. 

Ok, now for the cons. Well, like I already mentioned, it looks like everything you want to see is swiss-cheesed with ad links, which is rather annoying. I’m not usually one for aesthetics (well, scratch that, actually. I’m big on aesthetics), but it’s rather ugly looking. The pop ups are this beige/manilla color, and look very Microsoft-Word-Paper-Clip-ish. It’s only compatable with firefox, at the moment, which is very hindering (since I primarily use Google Chrome, the most hardcore browser ever). Its good if you have a lot of time to kill clicking through links to different websites. In theory, its a great idea. It could be improved with something like a means of emailing/blogging/sharing links somehow, or even include a language translator of some sort (it would be a lot easier than going to Google language tools every time I want to read a page in some obscure language).

Overall oppinion: Good, but not good enough. Try it out anyways.