Is the RIAA messing with us?

I read an article recently stating that the RIAA would  no longer be filing lawsuits against people sharing copyright protected songs, and instead will send them warning letters (followed by disconnection of internet services if offenses continue).

“It’s much easier to send notices than it is to file lawsuits.”
-RIAA Chairman and Chief Executive Mitch Bainwol.

Personally, I think its a good idea (particularly now, the economy being what it is, and all). If you’re going to get in trouble, at least get a warning about it beforehand.

A prime example is Muxtape. Here’s a chat I had with a friend…

6:23 PM me: whoa, what happened with muxtape?
my friend: the RIAA was like
quit it
6:24 PM and the guy that runs muxtape
thought he would be okay
because he was in the process of getting permission/getting labels to partner up
but the RIAA was like
quit it
and instead of taking it to court and spending all the time effort and money he decided to just take it down for now
6:25 PM and when it comes back up its gonna be bands only
so no user created muxtapes
which is good and bad
good because theres no more retarded kids that just make mixes of annoying songs everyones heard a thousand times
but bad because there are no more personal mixes

There you have it. That pretty much summarizes exactly what’s plastered on the front of their site right now. I can’t wait to see how this develops. Until then, I wonder how many of my friends will be receiving ‘letters’…