CA Antivirus Review and Giveaway

So, Staples was nice enough to throw in a license for CA Antivirus 2008, probably because they were trying to get rid of it (seeing as 2009 is shipping now). Regardless, I have a legitimate antivirus program thats valid until 2010, which is cool, and I’d like to give away 2 copies of it. Just read the article, and post a comment or two, and you’re submitted to win a copy (Valued at $39.99).

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battlefield heroes… less private!

Ever since Battlefield: Bad Company was released on PS3, and not on pc (thanks a lot, EA), I’ve been waiting for EA to give us computer users a decent game. I’ve had Battlefield 2142, and I’ve played that for a while (I’m ‘Pulse120,’ if you’re interested in watching me suck). But, regardles, I’m bored. Yes, thats right; bored. A lot. I got an email from them a while ago saying that they had made new maps for Battlefield 2142 AND that they had announced the production of a new game, namely Battlefield Heroes. Continue reading

ALERT! Beta Accepting Invites!

I just got an email from saying they’re accepting invites for their beta for a short period of time. is like an operating system in your browser, where you can log on to your personal account from anywhere in the world.
Take advantage of this! Get an account!

I’ll be reviewing it soon.

Interesting Use of Hardware…


Many of the new macbooks come equiped with built-in sensors that detect if your laptop suddenly starts moving, determining things like if it had been dropped off a table, bumped off a shelf, or defenestrated. This is a video of one of my friends from Youtube named “SeanthaBomb,” and I really liked it.

I know a lot of laptop companies use sudden motion sensors, including IBM and Acer. I wonder if any practical (iphone-like) applications will spring from software like this. I mean, come on. Super Monkey Ball on my laptop?

‘Nuff said.

The Zune problem; Done for good?

After all the news, grief, and zunes thrown in frustration, the Z2K9 problem, or so it’s been dubbed, has finally ended. People’s 30 gig Zunes are now back and functioning, and Microsoft had quite a bit of public relations to do.  To sum it all up, here’s some notable facts and quotes;

The buggy portion of the source code looks like this;

    while (days > 365)
        if (IsLeapYear(year))
            if (days > 366)
                days -= 366;
                year += 1;
            days -= 365;
            year += 1;

That is the source code that caused all the trouble. If you can’t quite pick through it, it pretty much says

“If there are more than 365 days, then figure out if its a leap year. If it isn’t a leap year, then just subtract 365 from the number of days, and add 1 to the year. if it IS a leap year, and there’s more than 366 days, then subtract 366 from the number of days, and add one to the year.”

What they FORGOT to do, sadly, was tell the computer what to do if there was exactly 366 days. The ironic thing, however, is that there are COUNTLESS premade scripts that are used rather frequently by other pieces of software that do the exact same thing.  Why would Microsoft, or whoever they hired to write the code, be doing this in the first place?

The answer is: I don’t have a damned clue. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they would do that. It makes absolutely no sense.

Mark C. Chu-Carroll

Well put, Mark. Well put.

Now, we have to hope Microsoft pushes out an update before 2012.