Spotify to come with Google’s Nexus?

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Rumor has it that Spotify, the free-for-all music service, might be releasing service to the USA on the 5th of this month, the same day as Google’s Android Phone, the Nexus One, is said to be released. Damn.

What is this nonsense?

First, some backstory. Spotify, the service for streaming and downloading music for free, has, for a long time, been just out of reach, thanks to a network of red tape and copyright laws here in the US. The service, to be supported by ads or with a 10 euro plan, has been around for about a year or so. Click here to learn a bit more about it and see a cool video about how it works.

Now then, Google’s Nexus One is the first phone released by Google. This isn’t T-Mobile’s G1, which ran Google’s Android software. This is a phone completely designed by Google, with the hardware provided for by HTC. It promises to be very fast, run a yet-to-be-seen version of Android (2.1), and will have an option to buy it unlocked (i.e. without a plan or provider) for a little more cash.

Rumor has it…

Back to the rumormill, its been said that Spotify will be released not just on the same day as the Nexus One, but with it, as a mobile app. This means that every Nexus One user will have access to Spotify before a good bit of Americans. It has even been said that Google might subsidize the Spotify App, waiving the fee for the no-ads subscription. However, there is no guarantee that Spotify will be on the new Android 2.1 firmware, and we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

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Spotify: Free Legal Music?

Yeah, its here.

Everyone these days is scared that the feds will show up at your door with an unpaid bill for 3 downloaded songs and a $200 million lawsuit, so whats a typical consumer to do? Music is around a dollar a song. A 16 gig iPod Touch holds 3500 songs. Thats all good and well, but $3500 is a lot of money. And don’t get me started on those 120 gig classics; that could hold enough data to make it weigh more. All analogies aside, its a very expensive world we live in; can’t we get some music for free, without worrying about all those nasty legal consequences?

Enter Spotify, the new line of applications desinged to provide free music for you on your computer and mobile devices. It works by generating enough ad revenue to pay for song licenses, and then passing on free music to its users. You can pay to have the ads removed, if they bother you enough.

Sadly, because of copyright issues, Spotify isn’t yet available in the United States, but I believe its been approved and is just being finalized. If you want to be notified as to when Spotify is available in your country, click here.

iPhone App

Recently, on Gizmodo, I saw an article about Spotify’s iPhone app, coming soon to the Appstore. According to the video’s Youtube page, the app will only be available to premium subscribers (i.e. those who pay to have their ads removed). Anyways, here’s the video; check it out.


I really can’t wait for the app to hit app stores; to quote Gizmodo, the app kills, Pandora, and Slacker in one shot.

If you’re on Android OS, they also have an Android app; check it out here.

Is anyone else massively excited for this to hit the states?