New Theme: Glow, by ElegantThemes

I realized I haven’t acquainted everyone here to my new theme. So, everyone, meet “Glow,” a rather dashing theme by the good folks down at They did the last theme for my site, and I’ve never had issues with them. The theme is just really well put together, works really nicely, and has a really, really great backend.

How much did the theme cost, you might wonder? For $20, you get access to every single theme on their site for a whole year, which is a really good deal. They have some really, really fantastic themes, for all different purposes. It has a really, really easy to use backend, with ways to practically modify everything. The theme comes with photoshop files, so you can edit the logo, or any aspect of the theme (I personally turned the background grey). Its a lot sleeker looking, more professional looking (compared to my old, grungy theme, which was also by ElegantThemes), and, finally, the featured articles rotate. It’s about time.

theme, luv, and prizes

I just changed my blog’s theme to a very new, very different theme, and I’m still trying to decide if I like it. The theme came from I have no idea what that stands for, but I do know that Jez, the German guy who owns the website, has a huge amount of artistic talent. Just browse around his website, and take a look at it. 

Another thing: I added CommentLuv, which means that if YOU (yes, you) own a blog, and you comment on my website, your latest blog posts will be posted along with your comments. I’d definitely comment if I were you.

Regardless, hit me up with some comments on your oppinions on the theme. I’ll dig up some sort of prize for 2 randomly picked commenters.

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