Travelblog: Our first boarder-partrol screening

Post originally planned for January 10th…

I’m currently en-route to San Antonio, leaving Laredo. A few seconds ago, I passed my first security checkpoint. I was a bit unnerved when we pulled up next to a bus full of ‘locals’ having their luggage sniffed by a gigantic German Sheppard.


When our car pulled up to the checkpoint window, an officer stuck his head through the window, said “Are you all American citizens,” made sure we looked legitimate enough, and nodded us through. That was it. I almost burst out laugiong…

Moral of the story: If you look American enough, drug trafficking is not a problem.


travelblog: laredo, day 2

Post originally planned for January 9th… here goes nothing:

Getting lost is never fun. Ever. Getting lost is also particularly humbling when a GPS keeps telling you you’re going the wrong way, and you ignore it anyway.

This being said, it took us a bit longer to get to the Civic Center again than it normally would have. However, the GPS said we would get there at 9:06, and of course, that is exactly when we pulled in. Nice job, GPS.

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Sorry for the delay…

First off, thanks to all my new subscribers, whether it be from my video or from the computers my friend sabotaged at the apple store in San Antonio (by sabotage, I simply mean ‘changed the safari home page to’). Cheers, mate.

On that note,  check out my visits per day graph from google analytics:

Before and after youtube.

Before and after youtube.

The arrow is where I posted my youtube video. Awesome.
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Travelblog; Laredo, Day 1

Me, plus cello and messenger bag. 


Me, plus cello and messenger bag.


If you don’t know already, I play in a quartet with my 2 sisters and my brother. It is an amazing experience, and there’s nothing quite like it. A while ago, we were invited to play in Laredo, Texas, as the city’s “Rising Stars of 2009.” This consisted of playing a concert for the city’s schoolchildren, doing some sort of ‘media interview,’ and eating a lot of food with important people. 


I’ve decided to blog all of it (or as much as I can) in a few blog posts, so as to share the experience as best I can (which, knowing me, will probably be a very poor representation of events, as I write like a hippo). Well, here goes nothing…

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