Twitter for Android! Download it here!

I was leaked a copy of the official Twitter app for Android. No, I can’t tell you how I got it. Well, fine, alright. An anonymous friend passed it off to me. Yes, I’ll share it. Gimme a day to play around with it first. Actually, make that an hour or so. I’ll get it up soon. You folks owe me one.

In the mean time, if you want a copy of the app, let me know. I’ll email it to you directly or something.

Edit: Here’s the app.

View this page on your android device, follow the link below, and then download/install the app.

Retweeting on Twitter; Now Easier than Ever

Recently, I received a message on my Twitter page saying I was enrolled in a beta to test Twitter’s new Re-Tweeting feature. Huh, you say?

Wait, what is this again?

I believe the Twitter developers were so fed up with page after page of different people tweeting the same person’s tweet that they just added a new feature to make it a lot easier. Now, when you want to retweet someone’s post, you can just click the “Retweet” button (next to the reply button). ¬†All of your followers see the tweet, as-is, with a little tag at the bottom saying “Retweeted by [you]”. Check out the picture below, to see what I mean.


There’s also a few other things; ReTweets do appear on your profile, sans the user’s profile image. Additionally, if someone retweets a lot of content, and you find it annoying, you can turn off retweet notifications by going to their profile page and clicking the green “Retweet” icon below their name.

Um… So?

It becomes really helpful when you just get tired of copying and pasting, and keeps Twitter neat and tidy, which is probably a huge issue, seeing as Twitter sees ridiculous amounts of data every day. Additionally, it helps promote little tweets without making them massive trending topics, etc.

While the pros are nice, there are a few cons, too. Firs of all, this makes twitter a bit more like digg; retweeting has now become akin to “digging” a popular topic. Granted, Twitter, of all sites, is the last to be accused of copying other site’s ideas (don’t even get me started on Facebook), so its not such a huge deal. One thing that did get to me after a while was the fact that you can’t add your own little comments to retweets anymore. I’d usually add a jab or a thought to the end of retweets, so people knew that when I retweet “Go Hitler!” they know I mean “what was this person thinking?” and not “lulz good one bro.”

When will I see it?

As of right now, only a chunk of Twitter users get to see it, for testing purposes. If you are in the beta, and you retweet something, people outside the beta will see it as a standard retweet. I still wonder what happens if you retweet something over 160 characters; does it truncate the message for non-twitter users? Eh… not a huge deal.

RT-infoHere’s Twitter’s instructional message, with arrows and everything! (click to zoom)

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my week in tweets (2009-07-12)

  • Well, Twitter, today I’m listening to Jaydiohead. #musicmonday #
  • WHOA! This #moonfruit tastes DELICIOUS! #
  • Just finished recording Episode 2 of cool :D It should be up by wednesday. #
  • Wow, what an interesting night. My laptop is now sporting a shiny new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I now have unlimited vzw txting. cool. #
  • I love how both the Google Browser and the Google OS were two of the webs biggest myths until this year. #
  • I just re-installed Acid 7 Pro… now to edit that podcast of mine. #
  • I’m going to try jailbreaking my iPod (its on 2.2 right now… I want it on 3.0…) right now. I’m on Windows 7. Smart? No. Daring? Yes. #
  • Huh. My jailbroken 2.2 seems to be installing 3.0 rather nicely… before, I had to put my iPod in DFU mode for it to restore. Cool. #

my week in tweets (2009-06-28)

  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – #
  • Ok. john and kate were SO distant, even on their poor excuse for a tv show. they should have settled these things out BEFORE the 8 kids. #
  • I’m going to give away Battlefield Heroes credits soon… stay posted! #
  • Ultimate Sn0w is out! Check out for a tutorial! #
  • Wow… I guess Michael Jackson really DID die. 0_o RIP MJ #
  • “Princess Protection Program” is a twitter trend? *sigh* #
  • im giving out 400 battle funds for! come check it out and enter for your chance to win at #
  • Whoa, billy mays died? Who else is going to die this weekend? Chuck Norris? RIP Billy Mays #

my week in tweets (2009-06-21)

  • is #squarespace still going on? #
  • I want to offer EVERYONE free advertising on my site… post a tweet with #technoheads, or submit a request here: #
  • Goodnight, everyone. #squarespace #
  • First day of work in the IT department… Wish me luck! #
  • #musicmonday I’m listening to “Diamond Dave” by “The Bird and the Bee” #
  • I love all these twitter-based weekly holidays, like #followfriday and #musicmonday. Kinda cool… #squarespace #
  • If you use use any sort of “Get followers!” website, be prepared to have your account hacked. Grh. #
  • WOW want 10,000 Followers, EASY!: #
  • #iremember when running out of money meant that you just had to stop doing thins for now. #
  • I have found a way to get THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers: #
  • WOW want 10,000 Followers, EASY!: #
  • I have found a way to get THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers: #
  • as soon as iPhone 3.0 firmware comes out, I’m totally writing up a jailbreak tutorial. Should be fun. #
  • #squarespace i really, really want $200 for a new iPhone. or a new iPod touch. or a lot of music. #
  • *Phew.* Goodnight, Twitter. #
  • #sendspace better let me win an iPhone. #
  • #squarespace why is it i always confuse #squarespace and #sendspace? #
  • What? Apple is COMPLETELY removing ALL support for 3rd party syncing? RAAAGEEE #
  • OperaUnite looks FANTASTIC… i’m going to review it. #squarespace #
  • #squarespace anyone want to swap ads with me? #