my week in tweets (2009-06-14)

  • Someone just spammed me. I got their IP, and from that, I tracked their address phone, and will soon have their name. Don’t mess with me. #
  • #WWDC apple’s new macbook naming system has created a WHOLE lineup of now rare aluminum macbooks. #
  • #musicmonday I’m listening to “Happy Up Here” by Royksopp. Check ’em out: #
  • I should maybe finish my World History AP final paper. #
  • #squarespace I wonder if I’ll get an iPhone. #
  • #squarespace apparently to win, you can submit as many times as you’d like. wow. #
  • Why are the Back Street Boys (#BSB) a trend all of a sudden? I thought they were STILL a joke. #
  • The new @mutemath album, Armistice, is coming out on August 18th! I can’t wait. #
  • A shooting at the Holocaust Museum? Somehow, someone’s going to point fingers in the wrong place and get this REALLY screwed over. #
  • #squarespace Trying again… Haha. Maybe I’ll get that iPhone. #
  • #MP2 Im not really sure what this tag is for, but I assume its for some sort of giveaway… I want a PS3. #
  • Why would anyone wait in line for an iPhone when they can have one shipped to their house on the 19th? #
  • Happy Follow Friday everyone! Check out @mboylan… good friend of mine, and always tweets interesting stuff. #
  • #11thcommandment thou shall visit and check out my Left 4 Dead campaigns and hacks. #squarespace #
  • GO PENS!!! And what ever happened to Twitpocalypse? #

my week in tweets (2009-06-07)

  • Project #Natal is just fannnntastic. #
  • I love Mutemath’s Spotlight music video. They always do awesome stuff like that on-camera. #
  • I think #MGMT is a trending topic because of their new “Kids” music video; #
  • The ONLY way to be successful in Entrecard is to drop; I slacked off, and my website dropped 40 hits per day. #
  • Entrecard is a fantastic way to advertise, but you’ll only get ad requests and drops if you place your ad widget in a clearly visible place. #
  • is the saver of humens. #

my week in tweets (2009-05-17)

  • I just bought myself some high-ranking ads using entrecard. Hopefully I’ll kick butt with my amazing ad campaign. #
  • #LETSGOPENS I can almost taste the finals. #
  • Why is entrecard not posting the ads I purchased? *sigh* #
  • I just have to try out I can apparently now post over 140 characters, and use a whole bunch of #
  • Hey, everyone. I want to do a giveaway for my website (like a beta key, etc) but I don’t know what to give out. Any ideas? #
  • I have a new theme for my blog! #

my week in tweets (2009-05-10)

  • Oh crap, I can’t log into my website’s backend. #
  • False alarm, google chrome was acting weird. #
  • I’m thinking of adding wordpress’s new #P2 theme to a page on my blog, and see how that plays out. #
  • Everyone should check out #
  • I think I may have integrated Twitter with my new site #
  • I just got an Entrecard account. I hope its worth it. #

Ranting about Twitter and Facebook

Thats right. Whether you know it or not,’s massive success spiked over the past year, making it more and more useless to people who have accounts only because ‘their friends do.’ I don’t mean those syndicated twitter accounts that spit out recent blog updates (much like mine). Twitter is becoming irksome, and before you start sending me hate comments spewing things like “Ur dum lol twitter ftw,” let me explain myself. I was shocked to see how many people don’t actually know what twitter is, so here’s my rough explination of it.

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