my week in tweets (2009-04-05)

  • Mondays are horrible. And everyone check out @Wozs_Segway. The guy is really, really hilarious #
  • i believe that PHP was designed so that people who like html hate themselves when they finally figure PHP out. #
  • The april fools virus is a load of crap; just get a good antivirus program (maybe a free one like Avast,) and leave it running high tonight. #
  • Tomorrow, somewhere, some russian hackers will be watching the headlines of US news and saying something like “oh sh*t, we did THAT?” #
  • Ok, final post regarding “Conficker.” If you’re worried about it, just get the patch Microsoft released a YEAR ago. #
  • Or it could just be that @hdberk is stone-aged enough to not run the latest version of Flash. #
  • I have a new article out on how to rip DVD’s to your computer! #
  • My aunt has been diagnosed with acute leukemia… I’m saying a prayer for her tonight. #
  • I got my Battlefield Heroes closed beta key! Can’t wait to try it out. #
  • Ugh. I just realized vacation means a week without a blog update. And with 300 hits a day, well, I don’t want this kind of traffic to leave. #
  • im converting a ton of my dvd’s for my ipod touch for my long trip north. Any suggestions? I need to have a FEW scary ones for a friend #

my week in tweets (2009-03-29)

  • As quickly as it went up, Beejive’s Antipiracy attempts failed: There’s already a patched version of the app out. #
  • If this post shows up on my blog, I will be a very happy person: it means that Twitter Tools for WordPress is working! #
  • Google Docs may have some scary privacy issues! Be careful. #
  • I love the new clippy update… I can copy and paste now. Finally. #
  • Why is iTunes SO slow? #
  • Waterparks are effing amazing. #
  • “The New Casual” and “Cello Forte” at Your Inner Vagabond” tonight… Should be epic. #
  • “The New Casual” and “Cello Forte” at Your Inner Vagabond. Should be epic. #
  • The New Casual was good… Cello Forte is starting… God they sound good. #
  • Earth night starts now! Shut off all your lights from 8:30 to 9:30… come on. It won’t kill you. #

heh, thats twistori.

i wish I could be a roommate, Id save on bills.

Today, I found a fascinating website: it simply pulls Twitters from all over the world, and categorizes them under “love,” hate,” “think,” “believe,” “feel,” ¬†and “wish.” Its called twistori. I find it a great way to see whats buzzing on the internet. Its kinda neat. Check it out. Seriously, go do it.

One thing I’d caution you to however is that these are twitters from everywhere, so expect to see one or two risque things from time to time. Apparently, if you’re on a mac, you can download a screensaver from their website (just click the link at the bottom).

its not just old; its twistoriCheck it out, and tell me what you think. I like its asthetics, its concepts, and its general simplicity. I’ll have to start using these words more when I tweet.

Technoheads on twitter!

My Twitter logo.I have a twitter account, officially. Everyone with a twitter account, check it out;

Strange, someone had taken “Technoheads” already, but the account hadn’t been used at all.
Meh, its not a problem.
I’ll try to update it regularly with posts from my blog, random ideas, and all sorts of goodness.