iPhone 4 Unlock

Man, this certainly has been a week for the iPhone, hasn’t it? As of today, any person with a jailbroken iPhone 4 can run their device on any supported carrier (i.e. T-Mobile). The news comes after a few weeks of waiting. Some time yesterday, @MuscleNerd posted a tweet casually announcing the unlock’s release.


To get the unlock, simply…

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Launch Cydia
  3. Under the “Manage” tab, tap “sources,” tap “Edit,”¬†and add “repo666.ultrasn0w.com”
  4. Refresh your sources.
  5. Search for “ultrasn0w,” and install it.
  6. Restart your iPhone.

That’s it! Your iPhone can officially work with any of the supported GSM carriers. Check the screenshot from the settings menu below (taken in full iPhone 4 glory).

Click to enlarge.